Benefits of Sound Vibration and Light in crystal therapy

Crystal Therapy

Vibration is sound. All creatures and things are created in, from, and through waves of sound and light. Sound and light waves result in electromagnetic currents. Electro- magnetic currents radiate to all the directions of space and beyond. Part of electromagnetic currents is visible light, the light we can see with the physical organ of sight. Electromagnetism is the product of an indefinable energy that underlies the physical forces of electricity, magnetism, light and heat. This energy was known as spiritual ether to the alchemists, ain soph aur or "the limitless light" to Qabalists, prana or prakriti to the Hindus, and "Great Spirit" or "Great Mystery" to the Native Americans. Herein I refer to it as "spirit energy." Sound vibrations free up spirit energy with a sort of spiritual combustion not unlike physical combustion, which requires a burning chemical combination attended with heat and light. In the spiritual sense, our breath is charged with spirit energy; it carries heat and light, and this is why we are able to produce sounds and movement through our body. Our bodies are made up of electromagnetic currents and waves of sound and light. There are also several scientific theories that explain the behavior of light: * Light is reflected through the prisms created by the solid bodies of the stars and planets. * Light contains minute particles emitted from radi- ant bodies that travel through space. * Light consists of waves traveling rapidly in ether, with a crosswise vibration at right angles to the waves' direction, then continuing in straight lines. * Visible light is sometimes classified as electromagnetic energy occurring in waves shorter than infra- red but longer than ultraviolet light, neither of which can be seen by the naked eye. * Light is a form of radiant energy emanated from luminous heavenly bodies in tiny quantities called' photons, which display both particle and wave behavior. This means that they have no charge or mass, but possess momentum. The energy that moves light is said to derive from photons. However, whether the behavior of light is viewed from an esoteric or exoteric standpoint, we find that the following holds true: * Light disperses throughout the cosmos and pervades all of space. * Everything is made from or is reciprocal with the electromagnetic frequencies of which visible light is a part. * Every substance in the universe is connected to light in its essential composition.

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