Benefits of TUGTUPITE

Crystal Therapy




Pink, white, crimson (on exposure to heat or ultra-violet light) with black                 


Translucent or opaque, mottled and veined           


Rare but available as jewellery      


Greenland, Canada, Russia           

ATTRIBUTES A stone of integration, Tugtupite bridges the compassionate heart with the illuminated mind and anchors unconditional love in the world. It teaches the power of self-love - without which it is not possible to value yourself or another, to give or receive love or to know intimacy. An exceedingly peaceful stone aligned to the pink flame of pure love, Tugtupite has the rare quality of tenebrescence, meaning that on exposure to sun or ultra-violet light, or on being worn or held, its white or pale pink colour deepens to crimson. It fluoresces bright red under ultra-violet light.

Inuit legend says that Tutu, a reindeer girl, went into the mountains to give birth and where her precious, life-giving blood fell, Tugtupite was formed. The Inuit also say that this stone awakens forgotten love and intensifies libido and lovers' passion, causing the stone to glow fiery red. One of the best stones for opening and cleansing the heart chakras, especially the heart seed, this stone signifies romance, passion and fertility. It deepens and expands love, bringing an unconditional quality to all relationships, and aligns and integrates all the chakras with the heart and higher heart chakras so that love is expressed through every act and thought.

Spiritually, when placed over the higher heart chakra of someone whose vibrations have been raised sufficiently, Tugtupite acts like a shaman blowing into the chakra to awaken the dormant channel that connects the compassionate heart to higher states of consciousness. It Shaped             literally accesses a new level of love to facilitate the vibrational shift and the birth of the light body" in the everyday world.

A strongly protective stone that equips you to face difficult situations with equanimity and fearlessness, Tugtupite acts as a liver-defender to block other people's rage or resentment (place under the right armpit) as it neutralizes anger and cuts off inappropriate tugs on your heart strings (wear over your heart). It draws out and transforms your own anger into creative energy and is the perfect stone to assist recovery from a 'psychic mugging'. This stone also clears hooks from any organ of the body - especially the pancreas and stomach - attached to a needy outside source and is particularly effective when used with Nuummite to cut cords from past lives. Tugtupite removes the effect of old relationships and clears the biomagnetic sheath' of the residual effects of psychological or physical abuse. Used for spirit-release in cases of emotional attachment, it encourages forgiveness for yourself and others involved.

Psychologically, Tugtupite promotes forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love, especially of yourself, and promotes the ability to give of oneself without falling into sacrifice or martyrdom. It also strengthens conscience and assists in resolving ethical dilemmas. The soft energy of Tugtupite is perfect for ameliorating anxiety and stress and releases poverty consciousness', bringing abundance on all levels.

Mentally, Tugtupite facilitates a tuning into universal consciousness, bringing increased clarity and breadth of vision to the illumined mind. Tugtupite teaches emotional independence and autonomy, bringing about the realization that you alone are responsible for creating and maintaining your well-being and happiness, and that this is not dependent on any external source, including a partner or loved one. This stone protects from emotional blackmail, providing the strength to cut loose and overcome outside interference. Keep this stone close to your heart as it assists emotional honesty and intimacy. It may take you through a deep emotional catharsis, releasing the grief of the ages for the planet and yourself. Tugtupite reminds you how to love, gently clearing away any blockages, opening your heart and enfolding it in unconditional, universal love. Love then blossoms in your life.

Environmentally, this is the perfect stone to send unconditional love to the world, healing war zones and sites of ethnic conflict.

HEALING Purifies blood, stabilizes blood pressure and heals the heart; regulates metabolism and hormone production; increases fertility. Lifts depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

POSITION Place over the heart or under the right armpit for protection, or as appropriate. Tugtupite is particularly effective worn constantly over the higher heart chakra.


NOTE Avoid harsh abrasives or salt. Synthetic Tugtupite is now being manufactured, but has few healing qualities. 

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