Benefits of The Body Prism in Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy

The human body radiates varying waves of light which correspond to the color spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet waves. The essential wavelength of every cell and every organ within the body-earth has its own particular color and tone. When light passes through a prism such as is created by a clear quartz 'crystal, we can see a rainbow of color. These colors are actual forces and have specific relationships within the body-earth.The human body is a prism also. When light passes in and through the body-prism, some individuals can see a rainbow of color called the aura. The aura is an etheric matrix consisting of seven distinct waves of light that surround the physical body. Sometimes the aura has the appearance of a luminous mist or cloud. It is possible to judge the condition of the body, mind, and emotions through the aura, be- cause the aura radiates heat and light (electromagnetism) from the inner core of the body-earth, thereby displaying our life-essence. The aura grant's us a visual picture of the level of electromagnetic energy generated from within the body. This form of electromagnetic energy is produced by emotion. Magnetism and emotion are the same energies in different forms. Using the electrical currents of the mind to generate a magnetic/ emotional flow of energy from within the body-earth is the basis of practice when working with crystals, gems, and minerals.

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