Crystal Therapy

Crystal incantation is a method derived from the Western occult tradition, such as Israel Regardie's use of colors and god-name vibration on the chakras in his work titled The Art of True Healing. To heat what ails you or others through crystal incantation, you will eventually wish to gather a wide variety of metals and stones. A pitch pipe will help you to register perfect tones throughout the physical and auric bodies. However, the actual incantation is produced with the sacred sound of your own voice. You may make any sound you wish, a low, guttural cry or the cosmic OM; however, the intonation should reverberate through- out the head, throat, and chest areas if it is to produce the desired results. As with all spiritual work, it is important to approach incantation medicine with reverence. Remember never to concentrate energy directly on the spirit energy centers, as this could result in further emotional, mental, or physical imbalance. The use of sound, color, and the appropriate stones automatically initiates stimulation of the centers to promote healing. Also, please note that although I've indicated the use of specific colors and minerals in association with the seven spirit energy centers and twelve body areas that follow, you may use any colors or stones that feel natural or "right" to you.

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