Crystal and Stone of Light

Crystal Therapy

The phrase "stone of light" comes from the Mayan word sastun. A sastun is a seeing stone used to divine problems relating to the mind, body: or soul. This stone comes as a gift to the shaman. Much to the shaman's surprise, the stone of light is often received through a strange set of circum- stances; it can fall from the sky and land at one's feet! (Re- member Holy Dance from the previous chapter, and how he found his healing stones.) Sometimes the stone is already in the shaman's possession; he or she just doesn't know it yet. A stone of light embodies unusual powers and can take many forms. It can be any transparent stone at all. a quartz crystal or a colorful child's marble. The diviner should be able to see the light of the stone sparkle and shine when the stone is moved, and the interior should have some distinguishing marks or pictures, such as dots, crosses, lines, a landscape, angels, rainbows, clouds, or animals. The diviner should have a gift to see inside the stone. Some stones have a variety of uses, and other stones can be used only for one purpose: to see if a person in need of healing can be cured, for example. The seeing stone demands much attention. First, determine if you already have one. If you don't, pray for one and it may come to you when you least expect it. Knowing the Stone of Light 1. Take a clear stone or crystal that stands above all the other stones in your keeping. 2. Blow on it three times and place it in the palm of your hand. Blow on it three more times, put it into a pouch or other container (see below), and swirl it around while praying to the Great Spirit for help and guidance. Repeat the words "stone of light" several times, along with your name. 3. Hold the stone in the palm of your hand again, and ask the spirits for a dream that will tell you how to use it, read it, and care for it. Be aware of the spirits that visit you in you dreams and carefully follow their directions regarding you stone of light. Empowering Your Stone of Light You and the spirits have determined that your crystal is a seeing stone. 1. Now gaze into it and call to the spirit of the stone of light. Ask, for wisdom, dreams, and answers. 2. As you are doing so, make the sign of the equal-armed cross (+) on both sides of the crystal, dipping your finger in rum each time. (Alcohol is used to bathe the stone due to its antibacterial properties, using the reasoning that if it's good enough for snake bite, it will also chase evil spirits away while propitiating the good ones. Rum is used in South America because it is most inexpensive to obtain, but actually any hard liquor will do.) 3. Do this nine times in a row, every Friday, for the rest of your life.Cleaning Your Stone of Light Once you have begun to work with your stone, bathe it in rum once a week to clear it of questions and old vibrations. Storing Your Stone of Light Finally, keep the stone of light in a beautiful leather pouch, an old fruit jar, on a cord around your neck, or wherever else you have perceived the spirits want you to keep it.'

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