Crystal Therapy


White, grey or red              


Fissured and etched clear crystal, or tiny crystals or waxlike coating on a core point             




Madagascar, Himalayas                  

ATTRIBUTES Celestial Quartz is another stone over which confusion reigns. Some 'Celestial Quartz', which may be white, grey or red, is from Madagascar, also known as Candle Quartz, while another 'Celestial Quartz', found in the Himalayas, looks like Nirvana Quartz, but does not reach quite the same high vibration'. Each type holds a distinctly different energy and has varied ways of facilitating energy shifts, but each frees up an adherence to the karmic' level of being, leading to awareness of the grace that, ultimately, when sufficient work has been done, sets the soul free and takes it into an experience of All That Is'. Both act as a 'reader' for the Akashic Record', pinpointing the soul's purpose in incarnating. At that point, the celestial energies are brought into, experienced and expressed within the everyday physical world, bringing about profound earth healing.

Madagascan Red or Smoky 'Celestial Quartz' has a more grounded energy than white and assists people who have only a toehold in incarnation to take up residence in the physical body, integrating it more firmly with the light body and making earth a comfortable place. It contains information on how coming earth changes might manifest. A useful stone for earth and environmental healing, it realigns, repairs and re-energizes the earth's meridians' and kundalini force. This stone works particularly well in the south of the crystal medicine wheel assisting the soul to come into physical incarnation whilst maintaining full spiritual awareness. It is also extremely effective in grids' for earth healing or repair of the earth's meridian system.

HEALING Both types of Celestial Quartz work mainly beyond the physical level of being to heal the soul. Red 'Celestial Quartz' brings vitality into the body, restructuring cells, and Smoky Celestial detoxifies.

POSITION Hold or position as appropriate. Madagascan Celestial Quartz is particularly effective griddedaround a healing couch or to create a sacred space.



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