benefits of DREAM QUARTZ

Crystal Therapy






Dark streaks or translucent stone                


Reasonably easily obtained            


Columbia (Dream Quartz), Bulgaria, Austria, France, Russia, Norway, United States, South Africa (Epidote in Quartz)         

ATTRIBUTES Epidote in Quartz appears in two forms: dark streaks on a matrix' or the light green Dream Quartz that has a more refined vibration. People tend to have strong reactions to this stone, loving it or intensely disliking it.

Spiritually, those who resonate with this stone find it extremely peaceful- a gateway to deep meditative states and inter-dimensional travel, conducive to insightful lucid dreaming, promoting dream recall, and a useful tool for dreaming up a new future. Placed on the soma or past-life chakras to activate past-life memories, Dream Quartz gives protection whilst journeying', and cleanses and reframes traumatic experiences. The Epidote component is strongly protective.

Those who do not resonate with the stone may need to question why they have an aversion to it and exactly what is being stirred up - indicating perhaps a deeply entrenched attitude or limiting behaviour pattern that needs transcending. It may also indicate that they are, for the moment, incapable of living out their dream, and pinpoint the changes needed before allowing themselves to dream once more.

Psychologically an opener for the higher heart and mind, this hopeful stone rejuvenates and gives you the courage to break free from limiting patterns and bounce back after enormous setbacks, adding a new impetus to soul growth.

HEALING Helpful for bruises, sprains, pain and dissolving stones and crystallizations of joints or granulation in organs.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Place under the pillow to induce lucid dreaming. 

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