Crystal Therapy


Clear, smoky, amethyst, pink, yellow         


Multi-terminated, enfolded and layered crystal often with internal windows and phantoms           


Easily obtained    


Brazil, worldwide              

ATTRIBUTES Elestial Quartz sets you on your soul's path. Spiritually, it links to the divine and higher planes and opens metaphysical gifts". An extremely high-vibration' stone for spiritual evolution, it opens the soul star and higher crown chakras, bringing down a flow of divine energy through the chakras. Perfect for creating and holding a sacred space in which to live, work and love, each colour has specific properties. It takes you into other lives to understand your karma' or deep into yourself to understand the evolutionary processes. Instilling trust in the universe, it facilitates powerful karmic release, bringing about core soul healing.

Psychologically a stone of change and transformation, it works as an emotional catalyst. Dissolving confusion, blockages and fear, it opens the way to necessary change, which may happen abruptly and unexpectedly. Physically, it is useful for balancing polarities and restructuring.

HEALING Aids multi-dimensional cellular healing, regeneration; rebuilds etheric blueprint", restoring brain cells after drug or alcohol abuse.

POSITION Hold or grid as appropriate.


Smoky Elestial Quartz is an outstanding purifier and detoxifier, pulling negative energy out of the environment or the self and replacing it with protective, vibrant light. An exceptional earth healer', this stone transmits energies along the earth's meridians· to cleanse and revitalize the power points of the planet. Protecting against geopathic stress" or psychic invasion, Smoky Elestial Quartz is particularly efficient for gridding· to create safe space. Alternatively, hold Smoky Elestial over your dantien· and picture the energy enfolding the space and the individual or group within it.

Karmically, Smoky Elestial draws past life trauma or disease" out of your present-life physical body, reframes· it, heals the etheric blueprint and the subtle energy bodies· and assists the soul in understanding the gift in the experience. Cleansing and healing the ancestralline of trauma and emotional pain, Smoky Elestial provides multi- dimensional cellular memory· healing. This intense stone takes you back into past lives to reclaim power, purify negative karma and be released from anyone who has enslaved you in their power, no matter when that may have been. Emotionally, it releases karmic enmeshment and dissolves magical rituals that no longer serve.

Physically, this stone resets the body after severe pain and facilitates multi-dimensional cellular healing. Smoky Elestial resonates with the earth and base chakras and bridges all chakras up to the soul star, enhancing energy flow along the chakra line. Grid or hold Smoky Elestial to heal the earth, prevent nightmares, relieve depression, improve concentration and guard against the effects of X-rays or radiotherapy. Hold over the site of pain.

White Elestial Quartz opens the stellar gateway chakra and is attuned to the white flame' of pure consciousness. It is an exceptional elevator and integrator of vibrational energies, bringing the spiritual into the physical dimension. It purifies earth energies, brings ley lines into balance and is an excellent gridding stone for creating sacred space.

Amethyst Elestial Quartz opens all higher crown chakras. Attuned to the transmutational violet flame, this extremely powerful healing stone stimulates the pineal gland and opens a connection to spiritual guides and helpers and stellar beings. Dispersing negative energy, it provides reassurance and calm. Assisting multi-dimensional cellular healing and brain integration, it ameliorates the effects of drugs or alcohol, releasing addictive patterns and soul imperatives'. Smoky Amethyst Elestial Quartz is extremely useful in spirit-release work or death-midwifery. It is particularly effective when gridded around the room in which the work is done.


Rose Elestial Quartz is an exceptional heart healer attuned to the pink flame of unconditional and compassionate love. It releases the effects of karmic heartbreak, removes emotional burdens and sets you free to love again. Taking you into the universal heart, it helps in remembering that everything is love. In this place there is no karma, no karmic debt, no soul imperatives, no guilt or imbalances. Combined with Smoky Elestial, it grounds universal love and elevates consciousness. It heals abandonment and rejection, and teaches that you are always in relationship with the divine within. 

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