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Coated or included Quartz point                  


Easily obtained    



ATTRIBUTES Naturally coated or included' Chinese Red Quartz promotes healing and reconciliation at a personal, family or collective level. Spiritually, this stone induces a feeling of being put through purifying flames to burn away karma', leaving the soul ready to start anew. This stone fosters forgiveness and teaches that the apparent mistakes of the past were learning situations that help humankind grow in understanding and move forward in their evolution. It eases the pain of racial conflict and encourages forgiveness for the perpetrators. Chinese Red Quartz also points to the fact that, at a higher level, race and religion are an illusion that is transcended in the oneness and unity of spirit.

Psychologically, this stone assists in finding the gift in every situation, bringing clarity to the positive lessons within a life challenge and illuminating the soul plan' for the present lifetime. It shows how, by experiencing a lack of a particular quality in the outer environment, the soul creates that quality in the inner being. Combine Chinese Red Quartz with Tibetan Blackspot to reconcile differences and bring a profound inner peace.

Emotionally, Chinese Red Quartz is useful for overcoming profound despair and restoring life-force and vitality to the body. This stone induces perseverance and overcomes frustration, bringing in joy. By promoting self-forgiveness, Chinese Red Quartz ameliorates the physical manifestation of negative emotional states of inner rage, anger and festering resentment that lie behind arthritis and diseases of the auto-immune system, such as lupus, and provides the motivation to recover from ME.

Environmentally, Chinese Red Quartz is used by earth healers and stabilizes the planet, including the oceans and mountains. The stone is also helpful in business and in enhancing financial security.

HEALING Supports oxygenation of the blood and organs of the body, enhances energy, eases swelling and inflammation in arthritis and auto-immune diseases. Recharges the base and sacral chakras.

POSITION Place as appropriate.

NOTE An artificial Chinese Red Quartz created from Hematite is also available, but the properties are weaker.



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