benefits of DRUSY

Crystal Therapy


White, orange, blue, brown, grey                


Tiny crystals on a matrix                   


Easily obtained    



ATTRIBUTES Drusy Quartz carries the energy-enhancing qualities of Quartz but these, in most forms, are scaled down to a gentler vibration so that the core energy is more easily assimilated, especially if the Drusy Quartz is coating another crystal such as Danburite or Elestial Quartz. Red Drusy Quartz such as Bushman Cascade, however, has a highly energetic charge while Smoky Drusy Quartz gently detoxifies.

Spiritually teaching how to savour all the experiences of life, Drusy Quartz revitalizes and remotivates at the spiritual level of being and assists in releasing self-imposed limitations. It is the perfect stone for creating harmony and restoring equilibrium.

HEALING White Drusy Quartz is said to work well for periodontal disease; Orange Drusy Quartz revitalizes and overcomes lethargy.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


Orange Drusy Quartz is ideal for the bed-ridden or those with chronic illness - and for careers. Facilitating offering and receiving help, it fosters harmony and encourages a show of thankfulness and appreciation on both sides. This form increases compassion and instils the ability to laugh at life in difficult circumstances. Kept in your pocket, Orange Drusy Quartz energizes your whole body. It cleanses, realigns and invigorates the base and sacra I chakras and activates kundaIini flow. Blue Drusy Quartz invokes spiritual protection and helps in nurturing yourself during the grief process, opening awareness of the spiritual companionship available if only you ask. It is the perfect stone for total immersion in the joy of being.

Drusy Quartz on Sphalerite is a powerful mental- energy cleanser that clears feelings of isolation or alienation, supports the nervous system and reduces environmental disease. Sphalerite discerns truth from deception, particularly in channeled information and protects those in the public eye. Alleviating homesickness, it is a perfect anchor for those for whom the earth is not their natural home and assists in realigning to a differently gendered physical body from that of previous lives, rebalancing male-female energies.



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