benefits of FADEN QUARTZ

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Clear flat crystal with distinctive thread-like line                    


Easily available    



ATTRIBUTES Faden Quartz has fractured during its growth and healed again - forming a visible line - and this crystal unifies the self, too, encouraging fragmented soul parts' to reintegrate. Symbolizing the silver cord' tethering the etheric body' to the physical during out-of- body experiences, this stone provides protection during journeying. Placed on the soma chakra, Faden Quartz reels the soul back to the body and can activate the upper portion of a cosmic anchor.

Spiritually, Faden Quartz provides a link to the Higher Self'. Helpful during past-life regression and for entering the between-life state, it provides an overview of soul lessons and root causes of disease.

Psychologically, if you are undergoing intense internal trauma, Faden Quartz gives you the strength to carryon.

Emotionally, Faden Quartz helps to heal broken trust in relationships and teaches how to have both emotional autonomy and be intimate with another person. Uniting personal love with the divine, it encourages loving yourself from within your own heart. Inducing emotional stability and harmonizing extremes, this stone calms the emotional body when placed on the solar plexus.

By bridging gaps, this crystal harmonizes the energies of a group or family, particularly if the intention is to overcome conflict or heal a break. Promoting communication during the healing process when working at a distance, Faden Quartz connects healer and patient. It enhances self-healing and personal growth, purifies the biomagnetic sheath' and harmonizes chakra energy flow, opening all, but especially the crown and past-life, chakras.

Environmentally, Faden Quartz efficiently grids' areas of unstable earth or physical energy to regain equilibrium.

HEALING Supports the healing of breaks and fractures, cysts and encrustations, and back pain. Bringing stability at all levels, it assists cellular memory' and inner alignment.

POSITION Grid or place as appropriate.



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