A Framework For Understanding Body Language

  • Body Language for Perceptiveness, Intuition and Hunches From a technical point of view, whenever we call someone 'perceptive' or 'intuitive', we are referring to his or her ability to read another person's non-verbal cues.......More

Arm Barriers Body Language

  • Standard Arm-Cross Gesture for Body Language Both arms are folded together across the chest as an attempt to 'hide' from an unfavourable situation. There are many arm-folding positions, but this book will discuss the three most........More

Courtship Gestures and Signals Body Language

  • Male Courtship Gestures for Body Language Like most animal species, the human male displays preening behaviour as the female approaches. In addition to the automatic physiological reactions already mentioned, he will reach for his throat and.......More

Eye Signals Body Language

  • Eye Signals for Body Language Throughout history, we have been preoccupied with the eye and its effect on human behaviour. We have all used such phrases as 'She looked daggers at him', 'She has big baby eyes', 'He has.......More

Gestures with Glasses Body Language

  • Stalling for Body Language Like pipe smoking, the glasses-in-mouth gesture can be used to stall or delay a decision. In negotiating, it has been found that this gesture appears most frequently at the close of the discussion when the person.......More

Hand and Arm Gestures Body Language

  • Rubbing the Palms Together for Body Language Recently a personal friend of ours visited my wife and me at our home to discuss the details of a forthcoming skiing holiday. In the course of the conversation our friend suddenly sat back in her.......More

Hand-to- Face Gestures Body Language

  • Deceit, Doubt, Lying for Body Language How can you tell when someone is lying? Recognition of the non-verbal deceit gestures can be one of the most important observation skills -one can acquire. So what deceit signals can give people away?.......More

Leg Barriers Body Language

  • Crossed-Leg Gestures for Body Language   Like arm barrier gestures, crossed legs are a signal that a negative or defensive attitude may exist. The purpose of crossing the arms on the chest was originally to defend the heart and.......More

Other Popular Gestures and Actions Body Language

  • Straddling a Chair for Body Language Centuries ago, men used shields to protect themselves from the spears and clubs of the enemy, and today, civilised man uses whatever he has at his disposal to symboliset his same protective behaviour when.......More

Palm Gestures Body Language

  • Openness and Honesty for Body Language Throughout history, the open palm has been associated with truth, honesty, allegiance and submission. Many oaths are taken with the palm of the hand over the heart, and the palm is held in the air when.......More

Pointers Body Language

  • Pointers for Body Language Have you ever had the feeling that someone to whom you are talking would rather be elsewhere than with you, even though he or she seems to be enjoying your company? A still photograph of. that scene would probably.......More

Power Plays Body Language

  • Power Plays with Chairs for Body Language Have you ever been for a job interview and felt overwhelmed or helpless when you sat in the visitor's chair? Where the interviewer seemed so big and overwhelming and you felt small and.......More

Putting It All Together Body Language

  • Putting It All Together for Body Language Communication through body language has been going on for over a million years but has only been scientifically studied to any extent in the last twenty years or so; it became popular during the.......More

Territorial and Ownership Gestures Body Language

  • Territorial Gestures for Body Language People lean against other people or objects to show a territorial claim to that objector person. Leaning can also be used as a method, of dominance or intimidation when the object being leaned on belongs.......More

Territories and Zones Body Language

  • Cultural Factors Affecting Zone Distances for Body Language A young couple who recently migrated from Denmark to live in Sydney were invited to join the local branch of the Jaycees. Some weeks after their admission to the club, several.......More

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