Approach to Problem Solving of Computer

  • The Logic of a Computer The computer is not just a machine to make calculations automatically. It is a micro information processor and can be UIM (ultra intelligent machine) also. Ultra intelligent machines, like robots, are computers.......More

Binary Operations of Computer

  • Binary Operations of Computer Actual computer calculations are done in the binary system. The basics of binary system have already been explained in Chapter 5. Out of the four basic operations, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and.......More

Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates of Computer

  • Boolean Algebra of Computer                           In Boolean algebra, all problems can be solved by reducing them.......More

Communication with a Computer

  • Management of the Computer The computer is not a single machine or apparatus and a computing system is not something that just does calculations. The word computer means a group of various machines which are utilized for processing a set of.......More

Computer Based Information System

  • Definition of a Computer System A system is a set of components that work together to accomplish one or more common goals. A computerized information system can be viewed as a system of six major components: 1. Computer hardware, meaning.......More

Computer Data Processing Concepts

  • Computer Data Processing Knowledge and Power Sun Tzu, the Chinese writer, wrote a book The Art of War in about fourth century B.C. His work, like that of Kautilya, was a guide-book for people engaged in military adventures. In this book, he.......More

Computer Electronics and Technology

  • Transducers and Servomechanism of Computer Transducers are the devices which basically convert a signal or energy from one form to another. Signaling is important for communicating with each other. Normally man communicates with another man.......More

Computer for Data Communication Concepts and Applications

  • Computer for Merging of Different Technologies The micro-miniaturization introduced by IC technologies had made it possible to transmit message through several media. The earliest of this was telecommunications by telephonic and telegraphic.......More

Computer in Action

  • Computer in Business and Offices Computers can keep a record of all the employees and prepare their pay bills in a matter of minutes every month. A computer can carry out automatic checks on the stock of a particular item. Hotels can use.......More

Computer Internet

  • Computer Internet The Internet is a computer network made up of thou- sands of networks world- wide. No one knows exactly how many computers are connected to the Internet, although estimates are ongoing. It is certain, however, that these.......More

Computer Virus

  • What is a Computer Virus? Make no mistake, viruses are real. They're not as widespread as the news media may lead you to believe, but they are very real nonetheless. Every computer user is susceptible to attacks by computer viruses, and.......More

Computer: Its Characteristics, Anatomy and Architecture

  • Characteristics of a Computer Computers display following characteristics to a greater or lesser extent depending on their type and application. Computers are not merely calculators but are programmable calculators which help reduce the.......More

Computers for Everybody

  • Civilization and Sophistication Computer   Computer is the result of man's zeal for achieving utmost sophistication in all fields of his activities. Man is a social, curious and crazy animal, although the most complex creation of.......More

Data Representation and Number Systems of Computer

  • Data Coding of Computer By data coding, we mean using standard abbreviations or simplified representations of useful data. The recording data can be made less laborious and less prone to error. After coding, the data becomes more manageable.......More

Historical Evolution of Computer

  • Abacus Computer The stone age man used pebbles for counting cattle. Later on, when man became more civilized, abacus came into use. Abacus seems to be the earliest calculating machine, which was developed by Chinese 3000 years ago........More

Input and Output Devices and Data Recording Media in Computer

  • Putting Data in Computers: Input Devices A computer cannot deal with data unless it is coded (translated) in a language it understands. The input unit is provided to translate all data into electronic pulses so that computers (more exactly,.......More

Personal Computers

  • Personal Computers (PCs) Personal computer in modem times is a digital computer having memory up to 4 mb. A personal computer is so called because an individual can now afford to install such a computer for his personal use either in the.......More

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