Discovering Reiki

  • Spirituality and Reiki   Spirituality and religion are not the same thing. A person who follows a religion may be spiritual, but not all religious people are spiritual. People tend to define themselves as spiritual when they want to.......More

Reiki and Other Therapies

  • Acupuncture by reiki Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing methods in the world and is one of the best-known components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It works by stimulating specific points on the meridians using very fine, metal.......More

Reiki For Common Conditions

  • Reiki for first aid In general, Reiki has not been taught in the West as a method of treating specific conditions. Instead it is a treatment for all conditions, and the practitioner takes the same approach with every recipient, whatever.......More

Reiki For Friends and Family

  • Treating babies and children by reiki Most children are very receptive to Reiki energy and find the concept of it magical, as it should be. Through children's programmes and books they are familiar with characters that have 'special.......More

Reiki For Health and Well-Being

  • Reiki for Food and energy Food contains life energy, and is one of the most important ways we have of taking energy into our bodies. We then utilize this energy through the metabolic process. Therefore, when we eat food of a higher quality,.......More

Reiki For Life Stages

  • Reiki for life and longevity One of the main concerns of many people is the ageing process. Indeed, this concern seems to be starting at an earlier age than ever with people in their 30s complaining that they are old already. We seem to fear.......More

Reiki Hand Positions

  • Hand positions for patting and stroking in reiki When Mikao Usui first started to show students how to use Reiki on themselves and on other people, he did not follow the structured system of hand positions that we are familiar with today. As.......More

The origins of Reiki

  • Energy In Reiki   The Universe is energy. Out of energy everything is created. The energy your body is created from is the same as that of a mountain. It may seem incomprehensible that an object that appears to be lifeless and.......More

Three Degrees of Reiki

  • Choosing a reiki master In most cases, people make their choice of a Reiki Master based on the recommendation of friends. This is a fairly reliable way of doing it, although it must be remembered that the needs and beliefs of friends are not.......More

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