Physiological and psychological functions could be seen in our handwriting. It can be used for a number of applications to arrive at some conclusion for a particular person.


Some of the common areas where graphology can be used at large are human relations, job, crime, medical reasons etc. As it is a reflection of the most current state of human body language, it can work as a gauge for measuring social skills, thinking styles, a mode of action, work habits and possible ways of dealing with stress for some specific situations.


The different areas of life where graphology plays an important role are:




It can help you know what you are for. We really don't know in our student life what we want to be. Someway it can help us know our inclination for some field. This field could have any extant from medical practise to practising art.


It also helps the company who is employing you. Your handwriting could be a good tool to identify which career is near to your interest. It is easy to judge your aptitude and attitude for available fields.


Similarly, any organization can look into your psychology by examining you through your handwriting. These days many companies do that. They take the writing samples of the applicants and judge them on some set measuring format.


Marital Relationship


Who is not interested to know about his or her life partner? It is not limited to the basics of life but it can speak far more than that. Your commitment levels, your understanding for each other, what makes you behave differently sometimes - it reveals all. You can open an individual's personality for marriage through his or her handwriting. It also tells you whether your spouse is mature enough to handle your family or not. What type of a husband or wife you are going to be? Will you be a good father or mother? How will he or she move the relationship after marriage? Handwriting has answers for these questions and many more.


True individual


You can't understand a person from his spoken words, but you can understand him when you have his handwritten words. If you are planning to go for any relationship with him or her, you better know him or her first.


No matter what relationship you want with a person, handwriting has many clues to give a substantial account of it. That helps you knowing and discovering the mind of a person for continuing and nurturing some relationship.


Unlawful act


Perhaps, for crime, handwriting has not only come out as an important tool, but it could be a basic tool to suspect a criminal. People who do unlawful acts have special brain set and that state could be noticed in their handwriting.


For example, killers make too many eccentric strokes, they generally form small letters. On the other hand, when they sign, they do it in highly elaborative manner. That means they are reserve but they have a strong desire to be noticed by, people. Handwriting also helps in identifying whether a person is lying or not. And that is how it is easy to suspect the person's motives.


Foretelling future


Although it is doubtful, some people say they can predict the future of a person by analyzing his handwriting. Many people also think that it can be used to improve the self according to the situations.


Some take it for spirituality that its standards can be altered with the going of life. But these practices are very rare and questionable.


When you examine some handwriting, your intuitions get influenced and inspired in different ways to judge a person for some abstract facets, which normally are not considered under the domain of handwriting analysis.


Business Relations


Have you ever thought of its importance for business relations? The individuals who sign the business deal always have impressions in their handwriting to speak about their intentions for that deal.


The handwriting of each employee in the organisation has enough substance to let it know what behaviour he is going to give to his company and to the other organization on his company's behalf.


Handwriting of an employee also tells us that whether he is for a group or an individual. It is commonly noticed while dealing with any individual that he is either favourable or unfavourable. But for a group it is different. He can give priority to some individual present in the group. This type of tendency can be observed in handwriting.


"Business communication is now completely missing the handwriting. Therefore, it is also missing the inner gesture of human feelings for business. "



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