How does it feel to hold a writing instrument in hand? Well, we can't conclude it with any specific feeling. Even if we all have the same writing instru- ment, we feel different when it comes to writing. It is because we all give different impressions with handwriting.


We are all emotional beings. What we say about each other never goes unnoticed. Words written are more important than words said. Now it depends on us how we say them. We can say them just as formality or we can say, as we truly exist for them.


Nobody hates handwriting unless he or she is bad at it. If it is not good, we try to avoid writing by hand. But we can't do that always. Sometime we need it. May be the purpose is merely noting an address.


Handwriting is not what you think about it. Its importance is beyond expected thinking. You will realize that after reading its utilities mentioned here.


Handwriting is necessary for













Self- discipline



Form of expression


Writing is a form of expression and if you don't write you remain unexpressive. When you write in your own handwriting, no person can say that it is by some- body else on your behalf. That is where the true importance of handwriting is realized, at least, for a

person who wants to show a sense of belonging.

"Writing is very important for expressions and that makes us realize the importance oj handwriting."


Words in your handwriting informs about your thinking - what you think while feeling. What you have written, you can't go back on that again. Whereas an electronic device can make you try for something as many times as you want. You can think a lot and manipulate, but with handwriting what is written is written and you can only cut it. Moreover the flow of handwriting makes you predictable. It easily tells what you had while writing that.


It's not just for you


Your wording is as important for others as it is for you. What you have written can be used by any person for any purpose. Like it can be used as information or entertainment.


It is not simply a matter of communication. It's a matter of telling, listening and viewing the actual sense of being. For example, a great observation is learning for all. If you are observing facts of life, write the stages that you take reaching to that observation. It could help others to understand your thinking process.


“Handwriting makes you know - a person and what that person has written. "


Personality trait


Our handwriting is like our face - easy and definite recognition. We are judged by our handwriting. People think we are slow and ineffectual when we fail to make people active with it. We can't always rely on punching keys and giving dictation for our communication.


If we are not active with it, we are lazy for simple communication. It is a kind of self-dependency. In fact, we can help others if we know how to use it like a skill. Handwriting is always very interactive if we are effective and efficient at it.


"Get going with handwn'ting - invites and internalizes pleasure. "



Induces Quality


Handwriting is not limited to the appearance of written words. It's a measure of quality in your work which doesn't come without practice. When you practise, your expertise for subject advances naturally.


Take an example of physical exercise, its impact you can see more on brain than body. The same is with handwriting when you keep on practising, the capacity of your brain increases to do better . You feel comfortable for thinking and writing your views. You come near to creativity because you work hard with brain again and again.


Your confidence


It gives you confidence. Anyone who is clean and clear with his handwriting has reason to feel confident. People who have fear of writing actually think they

can't write effectively and correctly. No one is born perfect, we do mistakes while writing too. It could be from spelling mistake to incomprehensible flow of writing.


There are many such things. Unless you practise them you can't show them the way to appeal fairly. When you write regularly, you gain great confidence to write more. It's about positiveness and attitude that you move with.


"Confidence comes When you feel at ease while doing. Handwriting is that ease which brings your inside, forward.”


No qualification for handwriting


Handwriting is a quality which you can develop without any qualification. In other fields, you have to practise regularly without any cessation to gain. But handwriting is one-time effort, rest is reaping benefits all the time. It becomes your trait the time you incorporate it in you.


You don't need any skills for it. A little self-discipline can help you own good handwriting. You can form your own basics for it, and work on them in any suitable manner to achieve readability and fluency.


'Handwriting introduces you to intellect. "




When you flow in the form of words, you always feel complete. It makes your written performance perfect. Good speaker, good listener and good in writing by hand - complete your communication.


It improves your knowledge base, as you use different words. It brings you near to what you want to say. You also try to learn new words because you want to raise your writing style to a higher standard.


Reflection of brain


It is reflection of your brain. It is about your mental level and mental energy. Sometimes we don't write in a continuous flow that happens because we miss clarity. Our mental state is very much visible in our handwriting. We write fast when we think fast.


This is one of the plus points of handwriting that the more you use your brain, the more it thinks. On the other hand, we are slow when we have nothing to write which is a result of incompetent brain use.


From the core


Handwritten words have tendency to touch the heart and the brain instantly. Anytime you can open your heart with them. That makes handwriting vital for your core and ensures your emotional experiences last for longer time.


Your joys, inspiration, respect, dreams, creativity all are in your core, and habit of writing empowers you to let them speak. It is like something written by one core and read by the other.


"Handwriting gives intensity to impression. "


Sharpens memory


When we have a habit of writing, we give more conscious thought to any subject and that makes us remember it for a longer duration. Most of the students use to practise for their examination through writing something again and again. They practise this way so that what they learn will adhere to their mind, and when they think about it they could easily recall.


"Handwritten words are written with great concentration. That is wry they are easy' to recall."


Changes mood


When you are in a bad mood, try to write unanticipated. Write about your frustration, happiness, excitement etc. You will feel relaxed. After sometime you will realize that your mood is not what it was before you started writing.


It changes your mood, as your attitude and feelings change while writing. You feel more mature and sensible. You start believing that your mood shouldn't be permanent for any temporary thing.






It makes you spontaneous. Whatever you have in your mind, it is with you if you write it immediately. When something is written, you don't think it again. You start thinking afresh, because you don't have fear that it will go away as you have not penned it. Someway, it reduces burden of your mind. That way, it develops capacity to make your mind more fertile.


“Intelligence is refreshed if you are energetic for handwriting.”


No unnecessary speaking


Some people are not good in speaking. Some speak more than required. In both the cases, you are at risk of being taken negatively. Handwriting solves this problem. Write what you feel, as you can review your thoughts several times before writing. You are at ease and in a position where you don't write anything unreason- able. It saves you from speaking in an unwanted and unwise manner.



Know yourself


It makes you know what you want. When you write, you come to know how much you can think. You stop when you don't have anything to write. That happens because your mind stops. Your limitations are dear in front of you.


If you are not in the habit of writing, you can't be aware of your levels of thinking. Through it, you know who you are. You can write what you have in you that gives you chance to discover unexplored dimensions of your thoughts.


"Handwritten words are always tangible.”


Routine writing


Someway and somehow, every person is special and different. That makes us different for our approach to work. Routine writing is important to take the lead in planning and organizing some work that we are going to do next.


We are better prepared if we are planned. It is about penning what we want to do next and how. We are more confident and certain about our future course of action. Routine writing is well thought-out behaviour, as we become capable of linking present with future judiciously.


'Handwriting is as important for doing as it is for thinking. }}


Indispensable to academic


You can't do well in studies if you don't practise on any subject at length. No subject is so limited that you can master it without handwriting. It facilitates immediate recording of the thought processes.


For example, you are reading some notes written on paper. You want to modify and add something to them. The best thing is that you do the changes there only. This is possible through handwriting.


The more you write, the more you read your inner self for a particular subject. So, it is indispensable to academic.



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