Anant Chaturdashi (For getting unlimited auspicious results)


Anant Chaturdashi (For getting unlimited auspicious results)

By worshipping Lord Vishnu in this fast all wishes of the observer of this fast get fulfilled. All sorts of sins get eradicated. This fast is observed with the objective of attaining unlimited auspicious results in Terms of getting financial prosperity and capable sons.

Method This fast is observed on the Chaturdashi of bright half of Bhadrapada. Make one Sarvatobhadra Mandala for establishing Kalash (Pitcher) After that establish Ananta in a lotus shaped pot. Keep one lotus on Kalash and worship idol of Lord Vishnu on it. After that tie one Ananta made of cotton thread in your arm. It provides unlimited auspicious results. After that offer food and money to a Brahmin and receive his blessings. Finally have food only once on that day but it should not have salt in it. Listen Anant Chaturdashi Vrata Katha. Udyapan of this fast should also be done.

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