Bhagwan Arnath KevalGyan Jayanti- Kartika Month


Bhagwan Arnath KevalGyan Jayanti- Kartika  Month

In Jainism , Bhagwan Arnath KevalGyan Jayanti is celebrated on , Shukla Paksha, 12 of hindu kartika month. It is celebrated as the most important auspicious DayMethod One who performs this fast attains all sorts of pleasures and prosperity. His all wishes get fulfilled. Get up early in the morning in Bramh Muhoorat (before sun rise) and have your bath. Wear neat and clean clothes and start worshipping the Lordin home as well as in temple with chanting mantra, aarti and by other worshiping ways. After that one should complete worshipping ceremony with faith and devotion donate some thing to needy, donate some foods to animals or insects. Below is the given way of fast Upvas To give up only food for the whole day.(starting from previous sunset to 2nd day sunrise - approximately 36 hours)Chauvihar Upvas Like Upvas, to give up food as well as water.Digambar Upvas One may drink water only once a day, before sunset.Shvetamber Upvas One may drink boiled and cooled water after Porsi, provided this is done before sunset.Tivihar Upvas One may drink boiled water between sunrise and sunset.Ekasana To eat one meal a day at one sitting and drink boiled water as desired between sunrise and sunset.Beasana To eat two meals a day in two sittings and drink boiled water anytime between sunrise and sunset. Ayambil Eating food once in one sitting. The food contains only cereals and pulses not sprouted and it is spice free and boiled or cooked, without milk, curds, ghee, oil, oil seeds, or green/raw vegetables, fruits and sugar and its products.

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