Kamada Ekadashi (To get rid of sins)


Kamada Ekadashi (To get rid of sins)

According to Hindu mythology no other Ekadashi is as auspicious as Kamada Ekadashi. This is the first Ekadashi of year. By fasting on this day all wishes get fulfilled and one gets rid of all types of sins.

Method This fast comes on the Ekadashi Tithi of bright half of Chaitra. Acording to Shastras one should avoid having food on the Ekadashi of bright as well as dark half. One day before Ekadashi one can have food at noon. This should be prepared with barley, wheat or pulse of green lentils (Moong). On the day of Ekadashi get up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after having your bath. Keep fast throughout the day. At night worship God Vishnu in a cradle by offering incense, lamp, flower, garland etc. After reading Kamada Ekadashi Katha offer the oblation and serve among people. Chant Bhajans in the night. Have fruits only. Do not take food at all.

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