Advance Benefits of Fengshui

  • Advance Benefits of  Fengshui

    Before we discuss benefits, that are likely to occur, in accordance with Chinese Vaastu Shastra (Feng Shui), it is necessary to know your Kua number's. By 'Kua number' we mean you should know well which of eight......More

Advice by Fengshi and Vastu Expert

  • Advice by Fengshi and Vastu...

    Get your car, office, house, etc. examined by a Fengshui expert, and get particularly your bedroom, kitchen or other place where you spend most of your time checked and assessed by an expert, and also get Fengshui checks done......More

Chinese Zodiac Signs

  • Chinese Zodiac Signs

    This is the first zodiac sign of the Chinese. It is a predominated by water element. Those persons who are born between 11.00-1.00 p.m. (Night) have 'Rat' as their (zodiac) birth sign. Place of Rat sign stretches from......More

Feng shui and Lucky Signs

  • Feng shui and Lucky Signs

    This is an ancient word which early people wore printed on clothes or etched on the bark of a tree and carried on their person, usually fastened around the neck. Its chief function is to protect......More

Fengshu and Bedroom Location

  • Fengshu and Bedroom Location

    The bedroom should ideally be located in the sector that corresponds to one of your auspicious directions. Each person aligning his or her head to point in the Sheng Chi direction enhances Chi energy. Furthermore, if the door......More

Fengshu and Energizing 5 elements

  • Fengshu and Energizing 5...

    Each corresponding area of the eight sectors of compass has its own attributed elements. The cardinal and the secondary directions too have simultaneous representations and elemental representations. Creating better Fengshui......More

Fengshu and Five Elements

  • Fengshu and Five Elements

    According to Deep Research of Guruji Dr Praveen Kochar Ji as a Fengshui Expert , According to Fengshui, the working of the whole universe and its various interactions can be rightly explained in terms of the five elements,......More

Fengshu and Sleeping Directions

  • Fengshu and Sleeping...

    The sleeping orientation should be towards one of your four auspicious directions. This ensures that as you sleep your own Chi is recharged with energy that comes from your most auspicious directions. If you can align in such......More

Fengshui and Colors

  • Fengshui and Colors

    According to Deep Research of Guruji Dr Praveen Kochar Ji as a Fengshui Expert ,Never use peach colour in your bedroom. A married person may be drawn to adultery.


Fengshui Concepts

  • Fengshui Concepts

    Yin and Yang are expressions of complementary natural forces that co-exist. Basic nature of Yin is hidden, dark, soft, and relaxing. Yang is overt, bright, active and energising. Balance of these two elements is necessary for......More

Fengshui For An Ideal House

  • Fengshui For An Ideal House

    The south-west area of the house is a good place for locating the master bedroom because this direction governs marriage, spouses, relationship, and partnership.


Five Elements in Feng Shui

  • Five Elements in Feng Shui

    All the trees, vegetable, leaves, paper and furniture represent the wood element. All those objects which are green or related to green colour, whether It be a green coloured wall or any other thing, get observed into wood......More

Forecasting of the Hexagrams

  • Forecasting of the Hexagrams

    Origin)-It is a hexagram consisting of6 complete (unbroken) lines which are Yang lines. Since it is indicative of origin it had the nomenclature 'Chien' Trigram by which it is meant that it is a sign or symbol of all......More

Meaning of Fenshui

  • Meaning of Fenshui

    Fengshui is an oriental art and a science of placement of buildings and objects in relation to the energies of the earth. Fengshui literally means wind and water. Governing the principles of Fengshui is the idea of Chi, life.......More

Star Feng Shui

  • Star Feng Shui

    Position of zodiac sign and astro-signs (nakhshatras) existing at the time of the birth is examined to learn the defects related to direction in Feng Shui. Directional evils or faults can be rectified by simple corrective......More

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