Individual auspicious direction and 'Kua' Number

  • Before we discuss benefits, that are likely to occur, in accordance with Chinese Vaastu Shastra (Feng Shui), it is necessary to know your Kua number's. By 'Kua number' we mean you should know well which of eight directions is the most...... More

Pakwa and Eight Triagrams

  • If we draw four transverse lines, that is one line on each of corn of Lo Shui, we will obtain the octagon 'Pal Kua' which an eight cornered diagram, used in F eng Shui. In Chinese language 'Pa' means eight and 'Kwa' means a diagram of lines. So,...... More

Bagua-a symbol of China's ancient architecture

  • In order to enhance positive changes in life, Bagua is a powerful compass of the Chinese. The talent secret behind its use being that attention should be paid to its peculiar characteristics that be (latently) hidden and use the same with utmost...... More

Door-Planning through Pa-Tzu Method

  • Pa- Tzu is an ancient Chinese method to determine lucky and favourable directions of a house. Pa- Tzu is based on eight Trigrams and Lo Shu Picture. It not only points to the most favourable side, but also indicates favourable and unfavourable...... More

Selection of a bed according to Five Elements

  • 1. Earth Element and Wood Element Square shaped pillow represents earth and wood elements, hence such a type of pillow is useful for persons born in earth and wood dements, and also useful for those who are professionals. 2.Metal ElementsA...... More

Feng Shui Rules for Bed-rooms

  • 1. There should be no direct entry from the main entrance door to your bed-rooms. There ought to be a partition or decorative mesh between the main door and bedroom. According to rules ofFeng Shui, if there is direct entry from the main gate to...... More

Type of doors according to Five elements

  •  Windows on both sides of the main entrance gate In Feng Shui it is an ominous sign of windows exist on both sides of the main gate, because it will expose the safety of your house, so that winds from both the side will destroy the positive...... More

Positions of Desk or Table according to Feng Shui

  • Wrong position The desk where you sit and the table whereon you work should be kept at an appropriate place because your career and future are directly related to wrong position of desk or table. 1. If your desk is positioned in front of a door...... More

Position of Houses according to Feng Shui

  • House situated at 'S' corner It is an excellent Feng Shui position, if a house is situated at the comer of "South" as it bestows property, wealth and prosperity on the house owner. While purchasing a new house, the following points may be kept...... More

Visiting Cards in accordance with Feng Shui

  • According to Feng Shui if you get visiting cards printed, their use will add to your name and fame and you will also have an effective public relations. In order to make an effective and lively visiting card, you should follow certain guidelines...... More

If Feng Shui is used properly, a maid servant will stage a comeback, who had deserted earlier

  • I have a foreign friend who has firm belief in Feng Shui, and occasionally he seeks my advise on certain matters in connection with Feng Shui. He and his wife are in an advanced age and they are a small family. Their problem is, never a maid...... More

Can Feng-Shui prove useful in ending feuds between a Daughter-in-law and Mother-in-law

  • There is hardly any place in the world where Daughter-in-law and Mother-in-law do not quarrel. I have studied the problem. I think the problem starts from the kitchen. In a kitchen of house, where a water tank is placed above the earth, such...... More

Can Feng-Shui help your daughter to get a suitable handsome husband?

  • I have undertaken thousands of visit in connection with Vaastu shashtra, Feng Shui and astrology. A common problem in most of the houses is that it is not easy to find a suitable match for their daughters. The same the problem about finding a...... More

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