• This is an ancient word which early people wore printed on clothes or etched on the bark of a tree and carried on their person, usually fastened around the neck. Its chief function is to protect the wearer from evil spirits and the evil eye and...... More


  • It is nut or fruit of the oak tree. The dried acorn is worn around the neck or carried on the person. It is believed that it gives youth. Many also believe that it will cause a lover to return or a husband to repent for leaving his beloved, wife...... More


  • The sign brings safety, hope and good luck. ... More


  • A right angle, the shape of an "L" is the harbinger of learning and deep understanding for those who are scholarly. ... More


  • It is a protection against the evil eye and other evils. It is worn around the neck. ... More

Axe Head

  • It can be made from stone or any metal. It is a charm against evil and enemies and brings victory over them. It is worn round the neck. ... More

Bear's Tooth

  • The tooth of a bear is specially useful for children, who weep too much or have ill-health or are subjected to the evil eye and shiver while sleeping. On both sides of the tooth, silver is mounted and after pooja, it is worn with black thread...... More

Badger Tooth

  • A badger is an animal about the size of a fox. Its tooth when worn round the neck gives success in gambling. ... More

Bamboo and Serpent

  • Usually this charm consists of a circle around the edges of which are inscribed numerous triangles, one following the other around the circle. Across the circle lies a bamboo stick of seven sections crossed by a serpent. The charm is supposed to...... More


  • When one accepts bangles from another and wears them, he or she becomes the willing slave of the giver. Lovers give bangles to their beloved and their acceptance signifies that the beloved will be the willing slave of the other. ... More


  • Beads are used for worship of deities. Specific beads are used to cure specific diseases. Beads are also used and worn as protection from the evil eye and for good luck. The best beads are of Rudrakshas, Tulsi, Chandan and Coral. ... More


  • A great deal of jewellery consists of the figure of a bee or of several bees, worked in with precious stones or shaped from precious metals. When worn, this charm brings great success in business, profession etc. The wearer will be energetic,...... More


  • The ringing of bells will frighten away evil spirits and this is an ancient belief. So the bells are rung at places of worship like temples, churches etc. Wearing of small bells or replicas of bells are used to ward off evil spirits and...... More


  • This is known as cap, used for covering the head and face and is considered lucky charm for good fortune and especially against drowning. It is passed on from one generation to other. ... More


  • The four-leaf clover is a charm for good luck, fame, wealth, good health and a faithful lover. It is a symbol of good luck and good fortune. ... More


  • This is a mythological fish whose replica is worn by those who require success in music, literature or painting. This makes one a great artist. ... More


  • The eye is derived from the symbol of the Sun. The Sun indicates intelligence, power and authority, good fortune and prosperity. The wearer has good luck, wisdom etc. as he is under the protection of the Sun God. ... More


  • A fish is a sign of wealth and prosperity. From Hebrews it has come down to the present people in various religious rites. ... More


  • The hand is a symbol of good qualities, hospitality, generosity, strength and goodness. Since ancient times the hand is known as that of Fatima, the daughter of prophet Mohammed and the wearer of the symbol is supposed to be endowed with the...... More


  • The symbol of heart is a symbol of love. Lovers give it to each other as a pledge of love and fidelity. To wear it means that the wearer accepts the pledge of love in all sincerity. ... More

Horse Shoe

  • It is a universal good-luck charm. It is used everywhere and is always suspended with horns for good luck, removal of effects of Sade Sati caused due to malefic planet Saturn and evil spirits. A ring with a black horse shoe is also used as a...... More


  • A key unlocks doors and this symbolises unlocking the door to life and success. Three keys together is the charm for love, health and wealth. The wearer is believed to be able to unlock the doors to these. ... More


  • The knot ties things together. Thus for generations the knot is a symbol of unity. A lover's knot and many other knots worn indicate an unbreakable bond between the wearer and his partner. In Hindu religion, a knotted necklace is used by...... More


  • A lyre is musical instrument. Thus, if a jewelled lyre charm is worn, it is supposed to bring the wearer qualities which he desires most. ... More


  • An owl is considered to be a bird of deep knowledge and wisdom. Its replica endows the wearer with these qualities. ... More


  • Every penny is not a source of good luck. The only penny that has power is the one bearing the date of a leap year. If one of these is carried on the person, it is supposed to bring good luck and fortune. ... More


  • The meaning of ring is that of eternity. It is the perfect circle which has no end. Thus if worn, it signifies that a vow made is to be kept for eternity. The wedding ring has this meaning. ... More


  • The replica of a serpent bestows knowledge, wisdom, and healing of disease. It should be worn by persons who wish to excel in either the art of learning or that of healing. ... More


  • A swastika is most auspicious and is attributed to Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva. In Sanskrit, this word means, "Purveyor of Good Fortune". It bestows luck and prosperity to the wearer. Can be used worn round the neck or on ring made of gold,...... More


  • A sign of perfect good luck. It is attributed to Lord Shiva.... More


  • The lucky sign "Om" stands for prosperity, comforts, and all-round happiness. This talisman may be worn round the neck or the sign engraved on a ring. It can be of gold, silver or copper. ... More

Replicas of Gods and Goddesses

  • Lucky signs are of Gods, deities and Goddesses, like Lord Shiva, Christ, Hanumanji, Lakshmi, Durga Ma, Parvati and Saraswati etc. The wearer is bestowed with wealth, prosperity and all comforts. ... More


  • This replica represents Lord Christ. It bestows prosperity, wealth and happiness. This is worn around the neck. It can be made of gold, silver, bronze or copper. ... More

Planetary Signs

  • When a planet is malefic and is not giving favourable results, a pooja or a prayer to that planet is performed to appease him. The use of replica or sign of the planet is said to neutralize the evil effects. The wearer will be blessed with good...... More

Birthday Signs

  • You can use the replica of your Sun Sign (Aries to Pisces) in the prescribed metal for good luck, happiness and prosperity. ... More

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