South West Area

  • The south-west area of the house is a good place for locating the master bedroom because this direction governs marriage, spouses, relationship, and partnership. ... More

Bedroom Portion

  • Bedroom can be located in the rear portion of the house or on the upper storey of the house provided it is not too near to the kitchen or the central portion of the house. ... More

Location of Bedroom

  • Bedroom should be located as far as possible away from the street and the hubbub of the family activities. It should have complete privacy, and it should be free from any disturbances. ... More

Placement of the bed

  • Placement of the bed is important in Fengshui. If your bed is placed inauspiciously, the Chi in the room will be disturbed, and you will feel off balance. ... More

north portion of the home

  • The north portion of the home is associated with calming energy and spirituality. If you have bedroom in this sector, it can make you feel lonely and isolated. ... More


  • The northeast is not an ideal place for bedroom because it is associated with competitive Chi energy that is too strong for the bedroom. This can result in disturbed sleep and health problems. ... More


  • The east is good for the location of bedroom for the young people. It will help them to realize their career ambitions. Avoid bedrooms for the elderly couple in this direction. ... More

Western Zone

  • The western zone is good for pleasure and romance, but can adversely affect your business progress and motivation. Exercise caution while choosing this location. ... More

Bedroom above Garage

  • It is inauspicious to have a bedroom above a garage, but if you have no choice in the matter, keep earth symbols in the room for mitigating the negative effects. ... More

Bedroom above Kitchen

  • According to Deep Research of Guruji Dr Praveen Kochar Ji as a Fengshui It is not considered lucky to sleep in a bedroom above the kitchen. If this is unavoidable, make sure that the bed is not directly above the oven. ... More

Bedroom in Basement

  • A void having a bedroom in the basement because it emits excess of Yin energy. It is inevitably going to be cooler, darker and damper. Person who sleeps here would feel irritated, troubled, and stressed. ... More

Bedroom opposite the main Door

  • A bedroom immediately opposite the main door is not considered good. This can create legal problem for the occupants. Hang a wind chime to moderate the flow of Chi energy in such a room. ... More

Staircase not confront the bedroom

  • A staircase should not directly confront the bedroom because this will result in undesirable rush of energy. Hang a wind chime where the energies meet for moderating the flow. Otherwise, the Chi will be funnelled without having the chance to...... More

Square/rectangle shape of Room

  • Square or rectangular shapes are considered to be best for bedrooms because they allow maximum Chi flow to set the tone for harmonious relation. ... More

Irregular shape of Bedrooms

  • Avoid irregular shapes for bedrooms because such shapes can block Chi energy. An irregular shaped room may have corners that create poison arrows. Regular exposure to these arrows may result in health problems. To correct this problem, conceal the...... More

Bedroom Ceiling

  • The bedroom ceiling should be neither too high nor too low for optimal Chi flow. Height should not be less than nine feet. ... More

Placement of Bed

  • While placing the bed make sure you never have the foot of your bed in direct alignment with the door, and never sleep with the feet pointing directly towards the bedroom door. This placement reminds people coming into the room of the "coffin"...... More

Bed between two Doors

  • Never place a bed between two doors because the comfort and sleep can be negatively affected by the movement of Chi. If this is unavoidable, use a decorative screen. ... More

Window behind bed

  • There should not be a window just behind your bed. If this is unavoidable, leave a gap between the bed and the window. Always close the curtains while you are asleep for slowing the flight of environmental Chi. ... More

Sleeping Under Beem

  • Avoid sleeping under a beam. Sleeping under a beam is very bad Fengshui, and can cause marital discord. Move the bed to a I better position and hang two bamboo flutes at forty-five degree angle by red ribbon on the beam. ... More

Bed Under Low slanting ceiling

  • Avoid placing your bed under a low slanting ceiling because angular protrusions are carriers of Sha, and can cause illness, confused thinking, financial, and carrier problems. ... More

Bed against solid wall

  • Put your bed against a solid wall. This will offer support and security. As far as possible, place the bed close to south west wall of the bedroom. ... More


  • Your head should point towards your auspicious direction to be in a direct line for receiving the positive Chi from that direction. ... More


  • Never keep your head towards your unlucky direction and feet towards your auspicious direction while sleeping. This can have adverse effect on your health and happiness. ... More

Mirror in Bedroom

  • Minimize the use of mirrors in your bedroom. Mirrors should never face the bed. The Chi we produce while sleeping should not be reflected back by a mirror at the person who is asleep. ... More

Bed with a Headboard

  • Choose a bed with a headboard, and curved shaped headboards are good. Avoid triangular shaped headboards. Headboards offer support and security. ... More

King size Bed

  • Opt for king-size beds with enough space for two for comfortable sleep. Beds should not be sharp edged. Ideally beds should be raised off the floor with enough space for air circulation underneath. ... More

Fabric and textures

  • Fabrics and textures have an important Fengshui role. The texture and colours of bed covers and bed linen can help in enhancing positive Chi energy. ... More


  • Choose the mattress carefully. It should be comfortable. Have a good bounce before you buy it. It should fit in the bed perfectly. The mattress should be firm and clean. Bed should be made of natural materials. ... More


  • It is important that pillow should be of right proportions. Check the stuff with which the pillows are filled for ruling out the possibilities of allergy. Test the relative comfort of the different types of pillows available in the market. ... More

Blankets and linen

  • Keep enough number of blankets and linen in your bedroom. All these should be clean, and the shape of all these should be attractive to the eye. For there is just nothing quite like slipping into wonderfully laundered blanket with your spouse. ... More

Floor Coverings

  • Spend time and money on the flooring of the bedroom. Floor coverings should be smooth and clean. You can use a clean carpet for disguising unattractive surfaces of the floor underneath. You can choose from a range of materials ranging from marble to...... More

Window Curtains

  • Windows of the bedroom should have good curtains. They insulate the negative Sha and protect you from the preying eyes of the outside world. Avoid net curtains, but Use them if very necessary in some areas to blur the view. ... More


  • Keep a bedside table which can be used in your bedroom. Place a rectangular or square-shaped table and reading chair in the master bedroom. These things should not be odd shaped. ... More


  • Keep wardrobe (closet) in dressing area of your bedroom for keeping clothes. All your clothes should be put inside the wardrobe, and you should avoid littering of your clothes in the bedroom. ... More

Chest of Drawers

  • Keep a chest of drawers in your bedroom to keep valuables. The chest of drawers may face the north. ... More

Drinking water in bedroom

  • Make provision for drinking water in your bedroom. Store it in the north portion of the bedroom away from the telephone. Telephones have been found to emit low- frequency radiation. ... More

Articles in Bathrooms & Toilets

  • Make sure your plan allows plenty of floor and wall space for accommodating your chosen fittings and a few articles of interest in the bathroom and toilet. ... More

Bathroom Lighting

  • Bathroom tends to be used most in the early morning and at night. Hence good lightening is of paramount importance. Opt for sealed bathroom light, which are designed to function in a wet steamy atmosphere. ... More

Ventilation in Bathroom

  • Ventilation is of prime importance in the bathroom. An exhaust fan can be fitted for this purpose. Lack of ventilation can generate negative Chi, and in absence of proper ventilation, can create problems. ... More


  • It is ideal to have a bathtub possibly fitted with a whirlpool with an abundant supply of hot and cold water. A refreshing bath can do winders to your inner Chi. ... More

Bathroom Floor

  • Bathroom floor must not become slippery when it is wet. Durability and facility of cleaning should be of paramount importance while choosing the flooring. Water-resistant materials like marble, ceramic, etc are appropriate for bathroom floor...... More

Bathroom Accessories

  • Bathrooms should have useful accessories to suit your requirements. These accessories include toothbrush holders, towel rods, shelf for cosmetics, etc. They should be neatly arranged. ... More

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Bedroom should be clean and tidy. Do not let clothes, shoes, and other things to be around in the bedroom. Scattered items can lead to irritation and marital discord. Anything we do not use or wear any longer will constitute clutter. ... More

Sea Salt In Bedroom

  • Clean the bedroom regularly. Mix a little sea salt in the water while cleaning the floor. Sea salt has the potential of cleaning negative Chi, which gets accumulated in the bedroom in due course of time. ... More

Fountain/Aquarium in Bedroom

  • Avoid having a water feature like fountain or aquarium in your bedroom as it is said to have the same negative effect as reflecting mirrors. But they are extremely auspicious in other parts of the house. ... More

Plants In House

  • Plants represent Yang energy of growth. They are excellent Fengshui tools in other parts of your house, but they are not good in the bedroom. So best to avoid them for your bedroom. ... More

Avoid Arms in Bedroom

  • Do not keep sharp objects like swords, guns, etc. in your bedroom because they create poison arrows, which can ruin your health. They can increase the spirit of aggression between couples. ... More

Fresh Energies

  • Bedroom should be energized with fresh energies on a regular basis by making provision for freshness of air in the room. This can be done by leaving the windows open and by switching on the fan at least once in a week. Use incense for purifying the...... More

L shaped Furniture

  • Avoid sharp cornered furniture and L - shaped arrangement of furniture in your bedroom as they can produce poison arrows that can be harmful for the occupants of the bedroom. ... More

Storage of Boxes

  • Do not use the bedroom as a storage area for boxes, spare furniture, papers, and other junk because this will block smooth flow of Chi in the room and around. ... More

Junk Under Bed

  • Do not store junk under your bed because this will cause Chi to stagnate there. Avoid using a box bed for the same reason. Because sleeping over stagnant Chi can cause problems in marital harmony. ... More

Electronic Equipments In Bedroom

  • Avoid the excess use of electronic equipments such as television, computer, radio, etc. in the bedroom. Electromagnetic field of these appliances may interfere with the positive Chi in your room. If there is a television set or computer in your room...... More

positive frame of mind and alertness

  • Place your right foot on the floor first while you get up in the morning. This action indicates positive frame of mind and alertness. - ... More

Attractive view in morning

  • It is auspicious as well as most pleasing to face an attractive view when you get up in the morning. Make sure that your eyes fall on pleasant things when you open them in the morning. ... More

Light for Activating

  • Light is a powerful Fengshui tool for activating Chi both inside and outside the bedroom. The bedroom should have adequate natural light. If you cannot get sufficient natural light, minimize the use of curtains when you are not using them. ... More

Soft Light in Bedroom

  • Have soft light in the bedroom. Avoid using strong lights, which are directly over your head especially in areas where you sit or sleep because this will have oppressive affect. ... More


  • Candles are excellent Fengshui tools to activate Chi. Use candles in the northeast to activate the earth element or use them in corners to energize stagnant Chi. But use them safely as they are fire hazards. ... More


  • Crystals are the ultimate symbol of earth element in Fengshui. A solid crystal ball can be used in the southwest corner of your bedroom for enhancing the quality of relationship with your spouse. ... More

Wind Chimes

  • Wind chimes vibrate air to stimulate and cleanse Chi. Wind chimes can be used in the southwest part of your bedroom to encourage good relationship and to resolve conflict with your spouse. ... More

Silk Banners or Flags

  • Moving objects like silk banners or flags can be used in the bedroom to stimulate Chi and to encourage it to circulate in it. ... More


  • Clock introduces movement in the bedroom. Never keep a defective clock in your bedroom. ... More


  • Always opt for furniture with round corners. Having the edges of furniture pointing at us can make us feel uncomfortable. The edges of shelves and fireplace can also make us uncomfortable. ... More

Corners of Bedroom

  • The corners of bedroom are often dark. Place something colourful there, like a vase of silk flower to activate these corners. Do not let Chi to stagnate in such places. ... More

Slanting wall

  • Slanting walls are becoming common in houses today. Attic rooms with sloping ceilings are often turned into bedrooms. Sleeping and working under a slope depresses personal Chi, and this is not conductive for regenerative process. As far as possible...... More

Broken Doors

  • All the bedroom doors, which squeak, stick, have broken latches or handles, or are too close to the edge, should be repaired. Such things can cause irritation and disharmony in relationship. ... More

Broken Windows

  • Bedroom windows, which open only up to halfway, restrict Chi that enters the bedroom, and are not good Fengshui. Windows should open fully. ... More

Curtains of windows Closed

  • Do not keep the curtain of the windows closed during the day time particularly in the morning. This can create depression and can block Chi energy. Use the curtain only when you need privacy or when there is excess of Chi. ... More

Images and Paintings

  • Images and paintings have powerful affect on us. Images and art work displayed in bedroom should instill cheerfulness in you, and they should reflect cheerful themes. Avoid gruesome images in the bedroom as they can create turmoil in the...... More

Full Waste Bin

  • Never keep a full waste bin in the bedroom as it creates clutter in the room. Remove it immediately to enhance the positive vibration in the bedroom. ... More

Entrance –Clutter Free

  • Keep the entrance to your bedroom clutter free. Remember that it is through this new opportunities and fresh Chi enters your space. Clutter represents stagnant Chi, accumulation of clutter can make difference to peace. ... More


  • Clean the cupboards in the bedroom periodically to clear mess and junk that can accumulate. Store away items of clothing, that are used seasonally. Be ruthless about getting rid of what you really do not use. ... More


  • Look very objectively and carefully for sectors of your bedroom where Chi is potentially blocked. This blockade is often caused by a lack of light or air, or by missing portion of the room. Use lights imaginatively to solve these problems. . ... More

Marital Life Stability

  • If you are looking for stability in your marital life, check the southwest sector of the bedroom for any signs of instability. These can be rickety chairs, and remove these immediately. ... More

Colors for bedroom

  • Keep Fengshui principles in mind while choosing the dominant colour of your bedroom. Although paint is probably the first option, you can opt for wall paper or fabric also to cover the walls and the roof. Avoid harsh and depressing colours. Choose a...... More

Overhead Lights

  • Always avoid overhead lights because they can bring a heavy centre of energy to the bedroom, and they are not conducive for good romance. Persons sleeping in such rooms will be always restless. ... More

Red Candles On Windos

  • Place two red candles on a window edge from where lights get reflected in the window glass. This will energize the fire element in your bedroom and set the mood for sparkling romance. ... More

Row Of Bells

  • Install a row of bells on the main door of the bedroom. Bell will make a sound every time the door is opened, this will keep negative energy (Sha Chi) away and the bedroom will always have positive energy. ... More

Sensual Pleasure-Fragrance

  • Sensual pleasure has an important place in Fengshui. Ensure that the whole room exudes fragrance that is warm, exotic and tantalizing. Use aromatherapy oils or scented candles for this purpose. Dab some perfume on the bed cover and on the pillows....... More

Gold and Silver Color

  • Bring gold and silver colours into your bedroom environment for added intensity of focus. Place two gold or silver coloured candles in glass candle stands in the centre of a round table or simply hang gold and silver thread from your window. ... More

Evening Charming

  • To make your evening charming and romantic with your spouse, place a few pebbles or sea shell near the entrance of the bedroom. This would energize your vital energy and mood. ... More

Sculpture of Bird

  • Place a wooden sculpture of birds near your bed. This is an excellent way of brining liberated and relaxed atmosphere to your surroundings. ... More


  • Have a healthy and balanced dinner before you go to bed. Include organic foods, fruits, and green vegetables in your diet. Avoid rich sugary deserts. ... More

Good Communications

  • Good communication is central to the meaningful relationships. Ensure your spouse does not have his or her back to the doorway while you two are having a talk. ... More

Central Part of Bedroom

  • The central part of your bedroom should be kept free of any heavy things. The central point of your room is like a hub, and Chi energy should be able to circulate freely in this area. ... More

Bedrooms windows

  • Your bedroom windows should be positioned in such a way as natural light comes in when you are awake. Early morning rays of the sun are highly beneficial for your health. ... More

Minimize work in Bedroom

  • If your special needs or interest require a special area in the bedroom to work, try to keep it away from your bed. Separate this area with a screen if possible. As long as possible minimizes work in the bedroom. ... More

Work and worry in Bedroom

  • Bedroom is a place to relax and revitalize your physical, spiritual, and emotional health in the company of your sweetheart. Do not bring your work and worries to the bedroom, and keep all your work and worries outside the bedroom to have fulfilling...... More

Position of Bed

  • Do not position the bed in such a way as you can get in and out from only one side. The space between the side of the bed and the wall should be at least two feet. You and your partner should be able to get out of the bed comfortably on both sides...... More

Position of Chair and Table

  • Do not position a chair, table, or any other furniture in such a way as should block the window. This would disturb free flow of Chi into your bedroom, ... More

Avoid Decorating Bedroom

  • Avoid arranging and decorating the bedroom with too much symmetry because it is the most informal area of your home. Use common sense when arranging your bedroom, let your furniture follow the line of the wall. ... More

Love Birds

  • Use things in pairs to heighten the romantic feelings. Use decorative objects like picture of loving couple or traditional Fengshui symbols like pair of lovebirds, etc. ... More

Avoid Odd Numbers

  • Avoid odd number of chairs in the room, especially three. Put two chairs, instead of one or three in the bedroom. Do not position the chairs or couch with its back to a window. ... More

Create warm atmosphere

  • To create warm and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, use variety of couches and chairs. Commercially manufactured bedroom sets are monotonous and impersonal. Variety is the spice of life, it generates warmth and interest. Experiment with shapes and...... More

Positive Frame Of Mind

  • A positive frame of mind is essential to improve Fengshui of your bedroom. Your actions, stemming from your positive or negative mental states, affect the condition of Chi. Your state of mind automatically gives energy to your surroundings....... More


  • Music is a potent Fengshui tool. Use it imaginatively to enjoy atmosphere. Be more selective of the music that you listen, and be conscious about its effect on you and your partner. Choose soothing and soft music for bedroom environment. ... More

Using your Own Voice

  • Using your own voice is an excellent way of working with sound for the purpose of purification of space because energy comes directly through you. Try singing some good old songs with your spouse when both of you are alone in the bedroom. ... More

Glass of water

  • Place a glass of water on a table near your bed to absorb impurities around you while you sleep. Throw it away in the morning, this would improve the quality of your sleep and you will get up energised. ... More

Pet Name to Bedroom

  • Give a pet name to your bedroom, bed, and all the major objects with which you interact on daily basis. When you name something, you form a much closer relationship with it. Then it works better and supports you more. ... More

Practice Meditation with Spouse

  • Learn and practice meditation with your spouse. It is a quiet activity, which can be done sitting, walking or lying down. In addition to facilitating the practice of enhancing Fengshui, meditation has a thousand of other uses and positive outcomes....... More


  • Visualization plays a very important part in the successful practice of Fengshui. It is a technique of using your mind and imagination to create desired outcomes or scenario that makes you happy. Practice it regularly to enhance quality of your...... More

Always Smile

  • Always smile and greet your spouse when you wake up. It helps to lift the spirit and enables you to begin your day positively. ... More

Physical Exercise with spouse

  • Do some mild physical exercise or workout together with your spouse. It improves inner Fengshui and keeps you healthy. Both of you can go out for brisk walk. ... More


  • Conceal all wires and cables in your bedroom, and do not leave them exposed because exposed cables and electrical wires produces negative energy in the room. ... More

Neat and clean Clothes

  • Always be in neat and clean clothes. Change night clothes before you get out of the bedroom. Do not move around in the house in night clothes. ... More

Redundant Calendars or Planners

  • Do not keep any redundant calendars, year planner etc on the wall of your bedroom. Do not keep picture of dead people on wall of your bedroom. ... More

Crumpled Bed

  • Never leave your bed crumpled. Make the bed before and after you sleep in it. Avoid using the bed for other activities like eating etc. ... More

Comfortable clothes in Bed

  • Wear comfortable clothes in the bed. Silk light clothes, particularly shimmering white ones are very good, as they create flowing erotic Chi energy in the bed. ... More

Elderly People

  • There are various practical Fengshui considerations regarding the bedroom for elderly people. West sector of the house is the most suitable place for locating the bedroom for elderly. Have an attached bathroom for their use. The room should be well...... More

Location of room

  • Locate the bedroom for elderly away from the busy area of your home so that they can enjoy quiet independence. They should be encouraged to keep display of current photographs of their family and friends in this room. ... More

Minimize use of Animal Products

  • Minimize the use of animal products like leather, bones, skulls etc. in the furnishing and decorations of the bedroom as they have negative energy associated with them. ... More

Natural Products

  • Opt for natural products having good energy instead. ... More

Hang a chandelier

  • Do not hang a chandelier in the bedroom. Like mirrors, it tends to reflect negative Chi energy, and will disturb sleep. It is particularly bad if we hang it above the bed. ... More

Natural Products

  • Use natural products like bamboo, coir, sea grass, etc in the decoration of the bedroom. Plastic products are produced by heat process. They can block Chi and produce vaporous chemicals which may effect health. They should be kept to minimum. ... More


  • Stone is considered to be in the earth element category. Surfaces of stone are non- reflective, and natural patterning in it gives depth- which tend to produce Yin energy. On the other hand smooth, hard, and polished surfaces produce Yang energy....... More


  • Metal objects like steel and chrome speed up the flow of Chi. They are therefore, useful in the bedroom. ... More


  • Clay and ceramics fall into earth element category. They can be Yin and Yang in nature, depending on whether or not their surfaces are shiny. Use them prudently in the decoration of your bedroom. ... More

Electric appliances

  • Keep all electric appliances away from the bed. Do not have wiring under the bed. This could create electromagnetic induced stress. ... More

Subconscious level

  • Attend to all such things as dripping taps, broken bulbs, squeaky. doors, cracked window panes, blocked drains, etc. On a subconscious level, things that need fixing in your home begin to irritate you and have potential to block your progress. ... More

Entry Of Children

  • Entry of children to the bedroom used by elders should be strictly prohibited . Parents should not allow a child to sleep in their bedroom, particularly on their bed. Children are intelligent human beings and perceive what they see or listen, not...... More

Religious and spiritual symbols

  • Avoid keeping too many religious and spiritual symbols in the bedroom. Bedroom is meant for conjugal activity and relaxation. Religious and spiritual ambience have negative influence on the sexual desires and romantic mood. ... More

Minimize Activity

  • Minimize the use of bedroom for too many activities. Avoid entertaining guests, and visitors in your bedroom. Restrict the entry of other members of the family to your bedroom. Maintain the sanctity and exclusive nature of the bedroom. ... More


  • Place a red lamp or lantern in the southwest corner of the bedroom to activate Chi energy in your marriage sector, to attract love and to make your bond with the partner powerful and intense. ... More

Pictures Hang

  • Hang a picture of a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest corner in your bedroom. It is an excellent way of enhancing Fengshui of your bedroom, and it will help to keep both partners under the influence of erotic Chi. ... More


  • Placing a metallic bell in the northwest sector of the bedroom is a good energier. Bells are a symbol of ... More

Avoid Consuming

  • Do not consume coffee, tea and other such substances before going to bed, because they are stimulating and can interfere with your rest and peaceful sleep. Instead take a glass milk for sound and refreshing sleep. ... More

Bowl of Fruits

  • Keep a bowl of fresh fruits in the bedroom. Fruits have more than food value, their fragrance and colour increase romantic Chi in the room. ... More

Avoid Books & Magazines

  • Do not keep many books and magazines in the bedroom. Do not use your bed for long hours of reading and studying. ... More

Dressing Area

  • A dressing area should be provided either in the bedroom or in a small room attached to it. Dressing table should not be placed opposite the bed. ... More


  • Gift an attractive item like diamond jewellery to your spouse. This is a special gift that enhances romantic Chi and that makes your spouse feel special and coveted. Face your favourable Fengshui direction while giving the gift. Give roses to your...... More

Act Like Kid

  • Act like a kid sometime, indulge in harmless mischief and tease your spouse. It helps to lift your sprits and take out the gloom. ... More

Relationship Forever

  • Couples should visit the ancient temples of Khujraho (Madhya Pradesh, India) for knowing sublime aspects of love, life, and relationships. This will change their concept about marital and conjugal relations forever. ... More

Cobwebs and Insects

  • Periodically inspect your room for cobwebs and insects, and remove them immediately because they affect free circulation of positive Chi. ... More

Uneven Beard

  • Do not keep an uneven beard. Either shave everyday or keep a neat beard for positive body Chi. ... More

White colors in bedrooms

  • Use more of white colours in the bedroom for newly married persons because white represents purity, freshness, and good beginning. ... More

Room Freshner

  • Use a room freshener. Make provision for protection from mosquito. You may use a big mosquito net on your bed as this is more natural and healthy, or use a mosquito repellent to avoid distraction. The net may be a square or rectangular one. ... More

Avoid Statue of God

  • Avoid statue or images of God in your bedroom because it may cause a barrier in your affair. ... More

Small Carpet

  • Keep a small carpet on the floor where you get down from the bed, and keep sleepers nearby for you may use them in the bathroom, etc. ... More


  • There should be pillows of various colours and made of soft as well as hard material. ... More

Soft Toys

  • Keep some soft toys on the bedside. They give you soft and cosy feeling when you are with your sweetheart in your bedroom. ... More


  • Bed sheets should give feelings of coolness, like touch of feather. The fabric may be cotton or silk. ... More

Light Dimmer

  • There should be facility of dimmer switch to increase or decrease the light to the desired and comfortable level. ... More

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