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Benefits of RUBY

  • Benefits of RUBY Ruby is generally used to overcome the evil impact of the bad placement of planet Sun in your horoscope. For getting the auspicious favour of Sun this stone is worn. However, it should be worn under expert astrological guidance. As because Sun is...... More

Benefits of GARNET

  • Benefits of GARNET This is used as a substitute of Ruby for gaining the favour of planet Sun. It is auspicious for getting recognition and success. It protects the wearer from the malefic impact of Sun. Its weight should be around 6 carats. How to wear: The...... More

Benefits of PEARL

  • Benefits of PEARL This stone is used to get auspicious favour of the planet Moon. Moon is the mind of KALPURUSHA (Kalpurusha is bodily form given tQ1ime force). It is used to remove evil effects of Moon. It strengthens the mental force and induces good sleep. In...... More

Benefits of MOONSTONE

  • Benefits of MOONSTONE It is considered a very auspicious stone for those who suffer from the problems of mood swings. It is good for your mental health. It strengthens your mental powers. Helps to control bad temper. Effective in curing the problem of insomonia. Its...... More

Benefits of CORAL

  • Benefits of CORAL Coral is used to overcome evil impacts of the planet Mars. Mars is considered power of KALPURUSHA. So, by wearing Coral you shall be able to become a powerful, ambitious and influential person. It also brings physical stamina and energy. Helps...... More

Benefits of WHITE CORAL

  • Benefits of WHITE CORAL This stone is used to get the auspicious favour of planet Mars: It is generally recommended when the wearer needs to get the favour of Venus and Moon simultaneously for acquiring mental peace and controlling temper. It helps to cure diabetes. Its...... More

Benefits of PERIDOT

  • Benefits of PERIDOT It is used for getting the favour of Mercury. Peridot not only increases' the attraction and love but also helps to control bad temper. It doesn't let you become victim of any disappointment or negative feeling. As because it relaxes your...... More

Benefits of EMERALD

  • Benefits of EMERALD It is used to obtain the auspicious favour of Mercury. Mercury is considered the VAANI (speech) of KMLPURUSHA. By wearing Emerald the evil impacts of Mercury are removed, intellect and communication skills also improve, psychic and intuitive...... More


  • Benefits of GREEN TOURMALINE This is used by persons seeking success in competitive examinations. It is used as substitute of Emerald for increasing your intelligence, creativityand success in business. Its should weight around 8 carats. How to wear: The gem of Mercury...... More

Benefits of TOPAZ

  • Benefits of TOPAZ It is used as a substitute of Yellow sapphire for getting the auspicious favour of Jupiter. It is good for students. It should be worn in your index finger in Gold on Thursday and its weight should be around 8 carats. This is generally used by...... More


  • Benefits of YELLOW SAPPHIRE Yellow Sapphire is yellow in colour. It is worn to obtain the auspicious favour of most benefic planet Jupiter which Is known as knowledge of KAALPURUSHA, therefore, by wearing it one's inclination towards education develops. It causes...... More

Benefits of WHITE ZIRCON

  • Benefits of WHITE ZIRCON This semiprecious stone is used as a substitute of Diamond. It is used for getting protection, beauty, love, peace, libido and health. It is also used for protection from theft etc. Zircon is available in different colours. White Zircon...... More

Benefits of DIAMOND

  • Benefits of DIAMOND This Gem is used to remove the negative impact of planet Venus and to gain the favour of it. Venus is the joy of Kaalpurusha therefore by wearing Diamond you shall enjoy, pleasure, happiness, beauty, love and conjugal bliss in your life. It is...... More

Benefits of OPAL

  • Benefits of OPAL This is substitute stone of diamond. The main two substitute stones of diamond are opal and zirkon. Zircon is hot in nature and opal is cold. Zircon enhances our passion because of its hot nature & opal proves beneficial for our happiness,...... More


  • Benefits of BLUE SAPPHIRE Blue sapphire is used to enhance destiny. It helps to remove the malefic influence of planet Saturn which is known as the sorrow of Kaalpurusha. Therefore if in some body's horoscope Saturn is badly placed he would be continuously facing...... More


  • Benefits of TURQUOISE (PHIROZA) It is considered to be a lucky stone which brings the favour of Saturn, It increases power of attraction in one's personality. It improves your love life. It has the power of protection. It makes you bold, healthy, wealthy, friendly,...... More

Benefits of AQUAMARINE

  • Benefits of AQUAMARINE It is considered very auspicious stone for improving marital relations and for getting benefited from overseas connections. It's good for mental health, peace, courage and purity. It is available in yellow, blue and green colours. Aquamarine...... More

Benefits of NEELI (SODALITE)

  • Benefits of NEELI (SODALITE) This is used as a substitute of Blue sapphire and helps a lot in rectifying the problems like bad dreams, alcoholism, theft, tension, fear, insomnia, dangers, headache etc. It brings good health, peace, love, courage, happiness to its wearer...... More


  • Benefits of LAPIS LAZULLY This is a precious stone which is used as a substitute of Blue Sapphire. It brings good health, pleasure, love, devotion, intuition, protection and courage. It is used to obtain the blessings of Goddess. Lapis Lazully is used as a TAUSMAAN. It...... More

Benefits of GOMED (Hessonite)

  • Benefits of GOMED (Hessonite) It is worn for giving strength to Rahu. It cures diseases caused by Rahu and Saturn and increases appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth, happiness and gives all round prosperity. It sometimes gives political success and opens...... More

Benefits of CATS EYE

  • Benefits of CATS EYE It is useful for eradicating evil influences of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars. It cures paralysis and prevents unexpected mishaps in life and attracts wealth by secret means, like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculation....... More

Benefits of TIGERS EYE

  • Benefits of TIGERS EYE This auspicious stone is effective for stomach disorder. It enhances power of intuition. It is auspicious tor wealth, protection, courage, energy, self confidence and fortune. Its weight should be around 8 carats. How to wear: Gem of Ketu...... More

Benefits of Amber Stone

  • Benefits of Amber Stone This is semiprecious stone. It generally comes in yellow, brown and honey color. The images of parts of earth, leaves and insects are visible on this gem. This stone is auspicious for physical and mental health. It is used to control excitement....... More

Benefits of Kidney stone (Jade)

  • Benefits of Kidney stone (Jade) This is a gem of dark green color the upper layer of which looks like kidney. This gem is of Hepatitis type. It is known as kidney stone as it is beneficial for getting relief from kidney related troubles. In addition to that it is also used for...... More

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