Self Health

The entire purpose of this book is to enable you to diagnose

and treat yourself for any disease. You have three new

approaches that make this wish a reality: the understanding that

only pollution and parasites make you sick, the quick and inexpensive

diagnostic circuit that lets you find which pollutants and

parasites they are, and the zapper or herbal recipe that kills the


Wouldn't it be nice not to have to go to the doctor for your

aches and pains? And not to be dependent on the doctor to diagnose

and treat you?

Self health means keeping yourself healthy. Doing it yourself.

Suppose your doctor has already diagnosed you as having

“Atypical Lateral Sclerosis” or “Shoulder-Hip Girdle Metastable

Aplasia.” Could you re-diagnose this for yourself so as to

treat and cure it? And be successful? Why not? You have already

succeeded in many enterprises. You learned to talk, walk, read,

get along with people. These skills took a few years to master.

Learning to keep well is a new skill. It may take a few years too.

After you have learned these skills you may pass them on to your

children. And so a new gift is given to humanity, like the gift of

music or the art of cooking.

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