Home Remedy for Toothache

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Home Remedy for Toothache

a. A paste made of finely ground leaves of tulsi should be warmed a little and applied to the aching tooth.

b. Ginger ground into a paste with a pinch of salt also relieves toothache.

c. Applying clove oil is also effective.

d. Brush your teeth with dried, powdered leaves of tulsi to strengthen gums and prevent pain & pyorrhoea

e. Brush your teeth after each meal to keep away dental problems.

f. Avoid chewing tobacco, pan-masala and other similar items to avoid early decay.


g. Wash and dry neem leaves; grind them to a fine powder. Sprinkle this powder over the toothpaste before brushing your teeth. You will never have complaints of tooth decay or any mouth diseases. 

3. (A) For Vigour

Onion juice            2 tsp

Honey                    2 tsp

Adrak juice           1 tsp

To be taken twice, morning and evening for ten or fifteen days.

(B) For Vigour and Strength

Onion juice         2 tsp

Honey                  2 tsp

Desi-ghee           2 tsp

Mix the above materials and warm it on stove, add Misri and take once in the morning for 15 days. 

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