Homeopathy treatment for Fainting

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy treatment for Fainting


Fainting is a sudden brief loss of consciousness 'caused by a lowering of blood pressure to the brain. Fainting may result from physical or emotional causes. Common causative factors are blood loss, dehydration, pain, fright, shock, becoming overheated, exhaustion, arrhythmias of the heart, overexertion, and hyperventilation.


Sudden loss of consciousness with collapse.


Fainting is usually brief and causes no harm other than the trauma from falling. Fainting may be a symptom of a more serious problem such as shock, head injury, heart attack, stroke, or brain tumor. If pulse or breathing are absent, perform CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) immediately and have someone call 911 for emergency medical assistance. If pulse and respiration are normal, but the person doesn't regain consciousness within a few minutes, seek immediate medical attention.


Is the person breathing? Is the chest rising and falling?

What color is the person's face? Lips? Nails?

Look around to observe the circumstances.


"I fell off my bicycle and took a really hard fall. I somehow just got up and walked away. Then, for some reason, I fainted." Arnica

"A robber came in with a gun, I was so scared that I fainted." Aconite

"I got a cramp while swimming. I started to drown. When they pulled me out I was blue and shivering." Carbo vegetabilis

"I was getting my blood drawn, and I just keeled over." China

"I was so happy to get my college acceptance letter that I fainted." Coffea

"I was supposed to give a violin concert to three hundred people. I was so nervous that I fainted dead away right before the performance." Gelsemium

"After I found out that my sister died, I was so shocked and grief-stricken

that I fainted." Ignatia


What happened just before the person fainted?

Was there a trauma?

Is there a friend or relative present? Can he explain the situation?

Is there injury or blood loss?

Did she fall suddenly, or did she slump down gradually?

Did she say anything before she fainted?

Is the room unusually warm or chilly?

Pointers for Finding the Homeopathic Medicine

In cases of fainting due to an extreme fright, give Aconite first.

·         For fainting-following an accident or trauma, always give Arnica first.

·         For fainting from hypothermia or drowning, give Carbo vegetabilis first, then consider Veratrum album.

·         If the person has fainted following donating or losing blood, give China.

·         If the fainting follows excitement, give Coffea.

·         For fainting from stage fright, Gelsemium is the best choice.

·         Fainting from grief requires Ignatia.

·         Hysterical fainting calls for Moschus.


·         Give three pellets of 30C every five minutes until you see improvement.

·         If no improvement after two to three doses, give a different medicine.

·         After you first notice improvement, give another dose only if symptoms begin to return.

·         Lower potencies (6X, 6C, 30X) may need to be given more often (every five minutes).

·         Higher potencies (200X, 200C, 1M) generally need to be given only once. Repeat only if symptoms return with intensity; give only infrequently in this case.

What to Expect with Homeopathic Self- Care

Homeopathic medicines work very quickly in cases of fainting. You should see a response within seconds to minutes- if the medicine is correct. Place one pellet under the tongue (be sure the person does not choke on it), or dissolve it in a small amount of water and moisten the person's lips and tongue with it.

Other Self-Care Suggestions

Make sure the person has a clear airway.

·         A cold washcloth on the fore- head may help revive the person.

·         Moisten the lips or tongue with a few drops of Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy; it will often work quickly to help revive the person.

·         Make sure the person has fainted, rather than having suffered a serious injury or heart attack, before moving him.

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