Homeopathy treatment for Surgery

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy treatment for Surgery


A surgical operation to remove or repair some part of the body that is causing a problem.


There can be mild to severe pain after surgery, depending on the type and extent of tissue or organs removed or repaired.


One of the main complications following surgery is the development of scar tissue. Some scar tissue formation is a natural part of the post-surgical healing process, but the formation of adhesions can cause considerable pain and discomfort, sometimes lifelong.


What does the scar look like? Size? Color?

Are there any other visible symptoms?


"The surgery went fine. I don't need any help, thank you." Arnica

"I tried Arnica after surgery to my knee, but it didn't help." Calendula

"I have shooting pains up my leg since surgery for an ingrown toenail." Hypericum

"My pelvic area is extremely sensitive since my hysterectomy." Staphysagria

"My husband feels like he's in shock ever since his surgery." Strontium carbonicum or Arnica


What type of surgery did you have? When?

What are the symptoms?

Is there pain? If so, describe the pain.

What makes the pain and the other symptoms better or worse?

How is your energy level?

Have there been any mental and emotional changes since the surgery?

What makes you feel better or worse overall?

Pointers for Finding the Homeopathic Medicine

The first medicine to give is Arnica.

·         If Arnica doesn't help and there are no indications for the other medicines listed in this section, give Calendula internally.

·         If there is shooting pain, numbness, or tingling following surgery, use Hypericum.

·         After clean surgery of abdominal organs where there is considerable sensitivity, give Staphysagria.

·         If the person is in a shock-like state since surgery, especially if there was a lot of bleeding, give Strontium carbonicum.


·         Give three pellets of 30C Arnica the day before and the day of the surgery.

·         Give three pellets of Arnica 30C once daily the day after surgery and for up to two weeks, until the pain is gone or considerably improved.

·         If, after two doses of Arnica after surgery, one of the other three medi- cines is better indicated, begin giving it.

·         If there is no improvement after three doses, give a different medicine.

·         After you first notice improvement, give another dose only if symptoms begin to return.

·         Lower potencies (6X, 6C, 30X) may need to be given more often (every two to four hours).

·         Higher potencies (200X, 200C, 1M) generally need to be given only once. Repeat only if symptoms return with intensity; administer only in- frequently in this case.

What to Expect from Homeopathic Self-Care

Homeopathic medicines can help to speed up the healing process after surgery. We recommend this program for nearly any surgery, from dental surgery to major surgery, with the exception of very simple surgery, such as just having a wart or mole removed. We strongly recommend that you fol- low the suggestions that follow for pre- and post-surgery. We have used this program with hundreds of patients who underwent simple surgery, and in every single case the surgeon has remarked on the rapidity of the healing and there have been no complications.

Other Self-Care Suggestions: Pre- and Post-Surgery Program

Take one dose of Arnica 30C or 200C the day before and the morning of surgery.

·         Take one dose of Arnica 30C or 200C as soon as you are awake following surgery.

·         If you begin with Arnica 30C, continue taking it once a day until the pain is nearly or completely gone.'

·         If you are using Arnica 200C, take another dose only if the pain returns.

·         After two doses of Arnica 30C or one dose of Arnica 200C, if there are clear indications for one of the other medicines listed here, give it instead of the Arnica.

·         As soon as you are allowed to eat or drink after surgery, begin taking a 250-mg capsule of bromelain three times a day. Continue taking these for three weeks. Note that bromelain capsules must be taken at least one hour before or after eating or drinking, or they will just act as an expensive digestive enzyme.

·         Begin taking the following vitamins one week before surgery, and continue for one month after surgery:

Vitamin C (500 mg three times per day)

Zinc (50 mg per day)

Vitamin E (1200 IU per day; if you have high blood pressure take only

400IU) beta-carotene (50,000 IU per day)

·         Apply Calendula and Hypericum tincture (diluted 1:3) topically to to prevent infection and to speed healing of the wound.

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