Homeopathy treatment for Swollen Glands (See also Mumps.)

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy treatment for Swollen Glands  (See also Mumps.)


Swollen glands, or lymphadenopathy, occurs most commonly with the lymph glands of the neck, but can occur with the axillary (armpit) glands, inguinal (groin) glands, or any other lymph glands in the body.


Characterized by swelling and sometimes pain, redness, and hardening of the lymph glands. There may be fever. The person may also have associated pain, such as a sore throat.


Untreated, severely swollen lymph glands due to bacterial infection can lead to systemic infection and even death. If the gland remains swollen for months, it is important to seek medical care to rule out such causes as cancer, especially leukemia or a lymphatic cancer such as Hodgkin's disease or lymphoma.


Do the glands look swollen or discolored?

What is the appearance of the throat?

Are there any other visible symptoms?


"The gland on the left side of my neck feels like a rock." Bromium

"My baby, Josh, has swollen glands in his neck. He's roly-poly and sweats on the back of his head when he sleeps, and I think he's teething." Calcarea carbonica

"I got this swollen gland afterI got chilled outside while gardening. It's so painful. All I want to do is sit in the hot tub!" Hepar sulphuris

"My neck glands are swollen. My breath is really bad, my tongue is coated, and I have an awful-kind of metallic-taste in my mouth." Mercurius

"I got this swollen gland in my neck-almost like the mumps-at the same time when I developed mastitis from nursing my baby." Phytolacca

"My glands are swollen and I have these weird little smelly plugs coming out of my tonsils." Silica


When did you first notice that your glands were swollen?

What seemed to cause the swelling?

Are you having any other symptoms? Please describe them in detail.

Is there any pain? Hardness of the lymph glands?

Do you have a fever?

Has this happened before?

Is there anything that makes you feel better or worse?

Are there any mental and emotional changes since your lymph glands be- came swollen?

Pointers for Finding the Homeopathic Medicine

For a stony, hard, left-sided swollen cervical lymph gland, give Bromium.

·         For swollen glands in a chubby baby who sweats on his head, try Calcarea carbonica.

·         If there is terrific sensitivity to pain of the swollen lymph glands, and the person is very chilly, the medicine is Hepar sulphuris.

·         If the swollen lymph glands are accompanied by toxic symptoms such as bad breath, a bad taste in the mouth, drooling, body odor, and heavy perspiration, give Mercurius.

·         If there is glandular swelling in the neck with a dark red sore throat that radiates pain to the right ear on swallowing, Phytolacca will help.

·         In a refined person with delicate features who has swollen lymph glands and bad-smelling perspiration, especially on the feet, give Silica.


·         Give three pellets of 30C every four hours until you see improvement.

·         If there is no improvement after four doses, give a different medicine.

·         After you first notice improvement, give another dose only if symptoms begin to return.

·         Lower potencies (6X, 6C, 30X) may need to be given more often (every two to four hours).

·         Higher potencies (200X, 200C, 1M) generally need to be given only once. Repeat only if symptoms return with intensity; administer only in- frequently in this case.

What to Expect from Homeopathic Self-Care

Lymph glands should go down in size in a matter of hours or days. Silica, one of the most common medicines used for glandular swelling, can some- times act more slowly and take up to two weeks. The pain should diminish within one to forty-eight hours. If glandular swelling is a recurrent tendency, find a qualified homeopath for constitutional treatment.

Other Self-Care Suggestions

Take Vitamin C (500 mg six times a day) to reduce inflammation.

·         Take Echinacea and goldenseal tincture (one-half teaspoon in water six times a day). The dosage for capsules will vary with the product.

·         Consult a licensed massage therapist for lymphatic drainage.

·         Take a combination of blood-purifying herbs, including such herbs as sanguinaria, yellow dock, and chaparral. Dosage depends on the product.

·         A carrot poultice pro- motes lymphatic drainage: grate three carrots, place in cheesecloth and wrap around your neck, then cover yourself with a blanket and go to sleep.

·         If you have a fever, drink two cups of sage or yarrow tea, take a hot bath, then wrap up in warm blankets and go to sleep. You will sweat profusely, then the fever should break.

·         Another time-tested naturopathic method to break a fever, especially in children, is the cold wet sock treatment. Put cold wet socks on the feet, then bundle up well in woolen blankets and go to sleep. The fever should be gone by the next morning.

·         Saunas and steam baths (no eucalyptus with homeopathy!) can speed up healing.

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