Homeopathy Medicines

Homeopathic medicine Aconite (Monkshood)

  • Homeopathic medicine Aconite... Key Symptoms Ailments from fright or shock Extreme anxiety Tremendous restlessness Fear of impending death Ailments from exposure to cold, dry air, or wind Symptoms come on suddenly Mind Claustrophobia Fear......More

Homeopathic medicine Allium cepa (Red onion)

  • Homeopathic medicine Allium... Key Symptoms Eyes and nose run like a faucet, as if the person were peeling an onion Mind Afraid that the pain will become intolerable Body HEAD Profuse, bland discharge from the nose (Euphrasia is indicated for acrid......More

Homeopathic medicine Antimonium tartaricum (Tartar of antimony)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Loose, rattling cough with copious mucus that is hard to bring up Hates to be looked at or touched Mind Irritable Bad mood Wants to be left alone Body MOUTH White, coated tongue Lips may be......More

Homeopathic medicine Apis mellifica (Honeybee)

  • Homeopathic medicine Apis... Key Symptoms Bee stings or insect bites Heat, redness, and stinging pain, with lots of swelling   Burning, stinging pain Hives with burning, stinging, and itching after a bite or sting Allergic reactions Affected......More

Homeopathic medicine Arnica (Leopard\'s bane)

  • Homeopathic medicine Arnica... Key Symptoms Foremost medicine for trauma, injuries, falls, sprains, or strains Any trauma with bruising Excellent for shocks of any kind Bleeding anywhere in the body Used before and after surgery to promote healing Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album (Arsenic)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Tremendous anxiety Fear of death Restlessness Burning pains anywhere in the body Mind Very anxious about health Hypochondriacal Afraid of germs and contagion Irritable Despair of never......More

Homeopathic medicine Belladonna (Deadly nightshade)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms High fever when child has a bright red face Right-sided symptoms Bright red bleeding Sunstroke or heat exhaustion Sudden onset of symptoms Extreme sensitivity to noise, light, and being jarred Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Borax

  • Homeopathic medicine Borax Key Symptoms The main medicine for canker sores in children, especially if thrush is also present Symptoms are made worse by any downward motion Mind Afraid of downward motion, such as going downstairs or being put......More

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia (Wild hops)

  • Homeopathic medicine Bryonia... Key Symptoms Symptoms made worse by any motion Extremely irritable Talks of business Dry mouth and lips, with extreme thirst for cold drinks Worse at 9:00 P.M. Mind Wants to go home Body HEAD Bursting,......More

Homeopathic medicine Calcarea carbonico (Calcium carbonate)

  • Homeopathic medicine Calcarea... Key Symptoms Large, sweaty heads and flabby bodies Fair, fat, flabby Worried about safety, security, and home Practical Illnesses from taking on too much responsibility Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Cantharis (Spanish fly)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Bladder infections, especially of sudden onset Burns of any kind Burning pains Mind Excessive sexual energy Body BLADDER AND KIDNEYS Violently acute bladder infection Severe pain in the bladder or......More

Homeopathic medicine Carbo vegetabilis (Charcoal)

  • Homeopathic medicine Carbo... Key Symptoms Most common medicine for fainting or collapse Weakness in which the person is blue and the pulse is faint Person is cold and yet wants to be uncovered or to be fanned Tremendous amount of gas and bloating Feels......More

Homeopathic medicine Causticum (Potassium hydrate)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Constant desire to clear throat of mucus Fear that something bad will happen Hoarseness Aggravation from drafts Mind Indignation from injustice or authority Empathetic people who can't bear to hear......More

Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla (Chamomile)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Cross, contrary child, especially an infant during teething Demands to be carried or rocked Great pain, with irritability, impatience, and restlessness Inconsolable child Mind Screaming and......More

Homeopathic medicine Cocculus (Indian cockle)

  • Homeopathic medicine Cocculus... Key Symptoms Motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness Nausea and dizziness made worse by motion Dizziness from looking at moving objects or watching things out of the window of a moving vehicle Sickness after caring for ill......More

Homeopathic medicine Coffea (Un roasted coffee)

  • Homeopathic medicine Coffea... Key Symptoms Overstimulation, hypersensitivity, and hyperexcitability Nervous agitation and restlessness Unusual activity of body and mind Exquisite sensitivity to pain Hypersensitivity to noise, light, and touch Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Colocynthis (Bitter cucumber)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Abdominal cramping lessened by bending over double Illness after indignation or humiliation Colic in newborns Mind Offended at everything; Indignation Everything annoys her Angry when questioned Body......More

Homeopathic medicine Cuprum (Copper)

  • Homeopathic medicine Cuprum... Key Symptoms Spasms and cramping anywhere in the body Mind Wants to be in charge Avoids everyone who approaches her Great anxiety accompanying violent abdominal cramps Body CHEST Cough with violent fits Coughs......More

Homeopathic medicine Drosera (Sundew)

  • Homeopathic medicine Drosera... Key Symptoms Violent fits of hard coughing with choking Can barely breathe while coughing Dry, barking, croupy, spasmodic cough that ends in gagging or vomiting Periodic and spasmodic fits of deep, barking cough Whooping......More

Homeopathic medicine Euphrasio (Eyebright)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Profuse, acrid tearing with a bland discharge from the nose (opposite of Allium cepa) Colds, allergies Hay fever centers on the eyes Mind Irritable Body HEAD Eyes water all the time Eyes are......More

Homeopathic medicine Ferrum phosphoricum (Iron phosphate)

  • Homeopathic medicine Ferrum... Key Symptoms First stage of infections with fever where no specific symptoms are present Useful in the very first stage of the cold; she feels she is coming down with something, but there are no clear symptoms High fever with flushed......More

Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium (Yellow jasmine)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Most common medicine for an exhausting flu Dizzy, drowsy, droopy, and dull Muscle aching throughout body Stage fright Illness following fright Mind Mind feels extremely dull Thinking is an......More

Homeopathic medicine Glonoine (Nitroglycerin)

  • Homeopathic medicine Glonoine... Key Symptoms Sunstroke Violent throbbing with rushing of blood Mind Confused and bewildered Becomes lost in familiar places Body HEAD Terrible bursting, pounding headache, especially after exposure to the......More

Homeopathic medicine Hepar sulphuris (Calcium sulfide)

  • Homeopathic medicine Hepar... Key Symptoms Oversensitive and annoyed by every little thing Hypersensitive to pain Splinter-like pains Abscesses Tendency to form pus Extreme chilliness Mind Irritable Everyone gets on her......More

Homeopathic medicine Hypericum (St. Johns wort)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Excellent for puncture wounds or smashed fingers or toes Numbness, tingling, and radiating pain along nerves Cuts with sharp, shooting pain Pain in the coccyx tailbone) from a fall or blow Shooting pain from......More

Homeopathic medicine Ignatia (St. Ignatius bean)

  • Homeopathic medicine Ignatia... Key Symptoms Most common medicine to use immediately following grief or loss Uncontrollable crying, loss of appetite, and extreme sadness Great mood swings Frequent sighing Numbness and cramping anywhere in the body Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Ipecac (Ipecac root)

  • Homeopathic medicine Ipecac... Key Symptoms Most important medicine for nausea and vomiting Terrible, constant nausea not relieved by vomiting Nausea and vomiting with nearly all conditions Bright red, gushing bleeding Bleeding and nausea at the same......More

Homeopathic medicine Kali bichromicum (Bichromate of potash)

  • Homeopathic medicine Kali... Key Symptoms Pressure in the sinuses, and pain at the root of the nose Thick, ropey, greenish-yellow discharge from nose Sinus infection with pressing pain in cheekbones and bridge of nose Thick postnasal drip A cold that......More

Homeopathic medicine Lachesis (Bushmaster snake)

  • Homeopathic medicine Lachesis... Key Symptoms Symptoms are worse on the left side of the body Symptoms move from left to right Symptoms are worse on waking or after sleep Dislike of tight clothing around the neck or abdomen Fear of snakes Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Ledum (Marsh tea)

  • Homeopathic medicine Ledum... Key Symptoms Puncture wound or smashed fingers or toes Injured area feels cold and person wants cold application Insect bites or stings Mind Dissatisfied Bad mood Body EXTREMITIES Sprains with significant......More

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium (Club moss)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Symptoms that are right-sided or move from right to left Desire for warm or room-temperature drinks Worse from 4:00 to 8:00 P.M. Stage fright Mind Insecurity or lack of courage, which the person tries to cover......More

Homeopathic medicine Magnesia phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate)

  • Homeopathic medicine Magnesia... Key Symptoms Abdominal cramping lessened by warm applications and pressure Colic in infants Mind Complains about symptoms Body STOMACH AND ABDOMEN Gassy colic relieved by bending double, drawing the legs up, rubbing,......More

Homeopathic medicine Mercurius (Mercury)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Bad-smelling discharges, breath, or perspiration Drooling Toxic states (as though one had ingested poison) Like the mercury in a thermometer; very sensitive to both heat and cold Mind Distrustful of those......More

Homeopathic medicine Natrum muriaticum (Sodium chloride)

  • Homeopathic medicine Natrum... Key Symptoms Wants to be left alone when not feeling well Feelings hurt very easily Headaches from exposure to the heat or sun Mind Often has a history of grief or disappointment in relationships Very sensitive to the......More

Homeopathic medicine Nux vomica (Quakers button)

  • Homeopathic medicine Nux... Key Symptoms Highly irritable and impatient Chilly Mind Obsessed with business Wants to be the first and the best Competitive and hard-driving, Type A Easily offended Frustrated easily by little things Body......More

Homeopathic medicine Petroleum (Coal oil)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Highly irritable and impatient Chilly Mind Obsessed with business Wants to be the first and the best Competitive and hard-driving, Type A Easily offended Frustrated easily by little things Body......More

Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Bright red bleeding Chronic tendency to bruise and bleed easily Desire for company Great thirst for cold drinks Mind Outgoing Sympathetic Friendly Desires company Afraid of the dark,......More

Homeopathic medicine Phytolacca (Pokeroot)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Glandular swelling and inflammation, especially of breasts, tonsils, and parotid glands (mumps) Throat pain radiating to the right ear on swallowing Mind Fear of death Body THROAT Tonsils inflamed, swollen,......More

Homeopathic medicine Podophyllum (Mayapple)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Traveler's diarrhea or dysentery Explosive diarrhea with abdominal cramping, rumbling, and weakness Diarrhea at 4:00 or 5:00 A.M. Mind Fear of becoming seriously ill or dying Mental burnout from......More

Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla (Windflower)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Temperament and symptoms change very quickly Cries very easily Easily overheated and uncomfortable in warm, stuffy rooms Wants to be outside in the open air Wants others around her, especially when she is......More

Homeopathic medicine Rhus toxicodendron (Poison ivy)

  • Homeopathic medicine Rhus... Key Symptoms Stiffness of the joints, relieved by moving around or hot baths Sprains and strains with a lot of stiffness Restlessness of the body, with a constant need to move around and find a comfortable position Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Rumex (Yellow dock)

  • Homeopathic medicine Rumex... Key Symptoms Dry cough made worse by uncovering, undressing, or a change in temperature Teasing cough that prevents sleep Mind Spirits are low Serious Indifferent to surroundings Body CHEST Barking, suffocating......More

Homeopathic medicine Ruta (Rue)

  • Homeopathic medicine Ruta... Key Symptoms All parts of the body feel sore and bruised Injuries to the tendons, cartilage, and periosteum (the outer layer of bones), especially the wrists and ankles Bruises to the periosteum, such as the shin Mind......More

Homeopathic medicine Sarsaparilla (Wild licorice)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Very common medicine for women with bladder infections Bladder infection in which the main symptom is burning at the urethra (where the urine comes out) at the close of urination Mind Depression and anxiety from the......More

Homeopathic medicine Sepia (Cuttlefish ink)

  • Homeopathic medicine Sepia... Key Symptoms Hormonal problems in women Lack of sexual desire Desire for vigorous exercise or dancing Desire for vinegar, pickles, and other sour foods Mind Irritable, weepy Indifferent or feels aversion toward her......More

Homeopathic medicine Silica (Flint)

  • Homeopathic medicine Silica... Key Symptoms Abscesses, cysts, or boils anywhere in the body Bad-smelling or sour perspiration, especially from the feet Problems of the nails or teeth Swollen lymph glands, often filled with pus Low stamina and......More

Homeopathic medicine Spongia (Toasted sponge)

  • Homeopathic medicine Spongia... Key Symptoms Dry, croupy, barking cough Hollow cough, like a saw cutting through wood or a barking seal Cough relieved by eating or drinking Croupy cough wakes him Dry cough made worse by talking or singing Mind Fear......More

Homeopathic medicine Staphysogria (Stavesacre)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms "Honeymoon cystitis," bladder infections after sex Symptoms that come on after holding in anger or after being insulted or humiliated Mind Ailments Mild personality Wants to please Blames......More

Homeopathic medicine Sulphur

  • Homeopathic medicine Sulphur Key Symptoms Red, burning skin eruptions with lots of itching Heartburn after overeating or eating wrong foods Hungry at 11:00 A.M.      Sudden, explosive diarrhea makes him get out of bed 10 the......More

Homeopathic medicine Symphytum (Comfrey or knitbone)

  • Homeopathic medicine... Key Symptoms Acute fractures and non-union of previous fractures Injuries to cartilage or periosteum (covering of bones) Specific medicine for blunt injuries to the eyes ("Arnica of the eye") Black eye Worse......More

Homeopathic medicine Tabacum (Tobacco)

  • Homeopathic medicine Tabacum... Key Symptoms Deathly nausea with violent vomiting, made worse by the least motion Motion sickness, seasickness from the least motion Cold, clammy, and pale with the nausea Better in cold, fresh air Spitting with the......More

Homeopathic medicine Urtica urens (Stinging nettle)

  • Homeopathic medicine Urtica... Key Symptoms Stinging" pain after burns or insect bites Nettle rash First- and second-degree burns or scalds, with intense burning and itching Mind Restless, nervous Body EXTREMITIES Joint pains alternating with......More

Homeopathic medicine Veratrum album (White hellebore)

  • Homeopathic medicine Veratrum... Key Symptoms Severe abdominal cramping with diarrhea and profuse sweating Violent vomiting and diarrhea Mind Extremely restless and busy Body STOMACH AND ABDOMEN Abdominal cramping with chills, vomiting, diarrhea, and......More

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