Homeopathic medicine Aconite (Monkshood)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Aconite (Monkshood)

Key Symptoms

Ailments from fright or shock

Extreme anxiety

Tremendous restlessness

Fear of impending death

Ailments from exposure to cold, dry air, or wind

Symptoms come on suddenly



Fear of being in a crowd

Fear of flying in an airplane

Fear of earthquakes


Panic attacks

Desire for the company of others


HEAD One cheek red and the other pale, or both cheeks hot and red

Hot, heavy, burning sensation in the head

Hot, watery nasal discharge

Dizziness when standing up or rising from a seat

Very painful ear infections with a high fever

CHEST Violent heart palpitations

Dry, croupy cough; comes on suddenly, especially during first twenty-four hours

SKIN Itching and burning of the skin

GENERAL High fever that comes on suddenly

Profuse perspiration with anxiety

Rapid pulse





Food and Drink

Intense burning thirst for cold drinks 

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