Homeopathic medicine Allium cepa (Red onion)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Allium cepa (Red onion)

Key Symptoms

Eyes and nose run like a faucet, as if the person were peeling an onion


Afraid that the pain will become intolerable


HEAD Profuse, bland discharge from the nose (Euphrasia is indicated for acrid discharge)

Profuse, acrid, burning discharge from the eyes (Euphrasia is indicated for bland discharge)

Frequent, violent sneezing

THROAT Red, hot, dry, and tight



CHEST Tickling, irritating, hacking cough that will not quit

NECK Intense pain at nape of neck

GENERAL Secretion of mucus


Warm room

Cold wind

Getting the feet wet


Cool, open air

Food and Drink

Desire for raw onions

Strong hunger and thirst


Aversion to cucumbers 

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