Homeopathic medicine Antimonium tartaricum (Tartar of antimony)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Antimonium tartaricum (Tartar of antimony)

Key Symptoms

Loose, rattling cough with copious mucus that is hard to bring up

Hates to be looked at or touched



Bad mood

Wants to be left alone


MOUTH White, coated tongue

Lips may be blue

THROAT Mucus in throat with shortness of breath

CHEST Breathing is rapid, short, and difficult

Bronchitis, especially in infants and the elderly

Chest feels full, but they cannot bring up mucus

Vomiting from the cough

Person has to sit up in order to breathe or cough

Children bend backward on coughing

Overpowering sleepiness during bronchitis or cough

STOMACH AND ABDOMEN Nausea and vomiting with the cough

Feels as if full of rocks

SKIN Impetigo

Bluish eruptions or sores that crust over and leave a bluish-red mark


Warm room



Lying down


Getting the mucus out



Cold, open air

Sitting up

Food and Drink

Desire for apples and other fruits


Desire for sour things, resulting in indigestion

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