Homeopathic medicine Apis mellifica (Honeybee)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Apis mellifica (Honeybee)

Key Symptoms

Bee stings or insect bites

Heat, redness, and stinging pain, with lots of swelling  

Burning, stinging pain

Hives with burning, stinging, and itching after a bite or sting

Allergic reactions

Affected area is hot and made worse by heat, better by cold applications

Anaphylactic shock


Busy as-a bee

Protects the hive (family or home) jealous


HEAD Swelling and puffiness of the face and eyelids

Conjunctivitis (pinkeye) with redness of the eye and swelling around the eye

Hay fever

THROAT Stinging pain in the throat, especially right-sided, lessened by

cold drinks

Sore throat with swelling of the uvula

Throat pain extending to right ear

SKIN Itching is intolerable at night

URINE. Scalding urine, especially the last drops

Urination is frequent and can be involuntary

Feels as though the urine will not come out

GENERAL Swelling


Heat, hot rooms, hot drinks, a hot bath, or in bed


Cool air, cold applications, cold bath or shower


Food and Drink


Not thirsty 

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