Homeopathic medicine Ferrum phosphoricum (Iron phosphate)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Ferrum phosphoricum (Iron phosphate)

Key Symptoms

First stage of infections with fever where no specific symptoms are present Useful in the very first stage of the cold; she feels she is coming down with something, but there are no clear symptoms

High fever with flushed face, especially with round red spots on the cheeks or sometimes very pale

Fever is generally 102°F or higher





HEAD Face red and flushed or very pale

NOSE Nosebleed with flushed face or with round red spots on the cheeks

Nosebleed with very pale face

Lots of bright red blood that clots easily

Nosebleeds in children

THROAT Inflammation of throat or lungs with fever, but few definite symptoms

Throat red, inflamed, ulcerated

Throat pain made worse by swallowing saliva

Tonsils red and swollen

CHEST Bruised, sore muscles of chest and shoulders

GENERAL Tendency to come down with a cold easily

Very weak

Bright red bleeding from any part of the body

Discharges may be blood-streaked


Bruised soreness of the muscles



4:00 to 6:00 A.M.


Right side


Cold cloth or ice pack


Lying down

Food and Drink

Desire for sour foods and cold drinks


Aversion to meat and milk 

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