Homeopathic medicine Kali bichromicum (Bichromate of potash)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Kali bichromicum (Bichromate of potash)

Key Symptoms

Pressure in the sinuses, and pain at the root of the nose

Thick, ropey, greenish-yellow discharge from nose

Sinus infection with pressing pain in cheekbones and bridge of nose

Thick postnasal drip

A cold that develops into a sinus infection; a ripe or late-stage cold


Tends to talk in excessive detail

Avoids people


HEAD Nose dry and constantly feels stopped up

Voice sounds very nasal

Bones of the head feel sore

Sensation of a hair on the tongue

CHEST Cough with thick, stringy mucus in bronchitis or asthma

Rattling breathing during sleep

Tickling sensation in the chest

Dry, metallic, hacking cough

GENERAL Pain in small spots

Pains that move quickly from place to place


Beer, alcohol

Cold, damp weather


2:00 to 3:00 A.M.



Food and Drink

Desire for beer and sweets


Aversion to meat 

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