Homeopathic medicine Petroleum (Coal oil)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Petroleum (Coal oil)

Key Symptoms

Highly irritable and impatient



Obsessed with business

Wants to be the first and the best

Competitive and hard-driving, Type A

Easily offended

Frustrated easily by little things


HEAD Painfully stiff neck

BACK Muscle tension, cramping, and spasms

NOSE Colds with stuffy nose and sniffles

Nose is stuffed up at night and when outside

STOMACH AND ABDOMEN Heartburn that is made worse by spicy foods

Constipation without a desire to have a bowel movement

Fussy, colicky infant who arches her back

Nausea with retching

STOOL Constipated with urge to go, but no stool comes out

GENERAL Heightened sensitivity to light, noise, sound, and other stimuli

Insomnia at 3:00 A.M.


Abuse of alcohol or drugs

Eating too much food or excessively spicy food

Early morning

Cold, dry air


Discharges from the body


Food and Drink


Desire for spicy food, fat, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco 

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