Homeopathic medicine Rumex (Yellow dock)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Rumex (Yellow dock)

Key Symptoms

Dry cough made worse by uncovering, undressing, or a change in temperature

Teasing cough that prevents sleep


Spirits are low


Indifferent to surroundings


CHEST Barking, suffocating cough

Cough from a tickle, like a feather or dust, in the pit of the throat

Dry, tickling cough, preventing sleep

Cough made worse by cold air, talking, or breathing deeply

Continuous cough lessened by closing or covering the mouth

Large amounts of mucus in the trachea

Rawness under the clavicle


Lying in bed as soon as the head touches the pillow Uncovering

11:00 P.M.

Morning upon awakening

Inhaling cold air, or change of temperature

Touch or pressure on the throat



Covering the mouth

Sucking on a lozenge (don't use mentholated lozenges)


Wrapping up 

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