Homeopathic medicine Spongia (Toasted sponge)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Spongia (Toasted sponge)

Key Symptoms

Dry, croupy, barking cough

Hollow cough, like a saw cutting through wood or a barking seal

Cough relieved by eating or drinking

Croupy cough wakes him

Dry cough made worse by talking or singing


Fear of suffocation


THROAT Hoarseness

Constant clearing of throat

Larynx is dry, tight, and burning; all made worse by touching larynx, singing, talking, or swallowing

Feeling of a plug in the larynx, with anxious, gasping breathing

CHEST Cough is made worse by inhaling and before midnight

Cough is relieved by eating or drinking, especially warm drinks

Irrepressible cough comes from deep in the chest

Chest feels so weak that she can barely talk

Suffocating feeling

Breathing is short and difficult

Cough is quite dry

Air passages feel dry

Heart palpitations with bronchitis


Cold air

Hot room

Lying down

After midnight



Warm things

Lying with the head low


Going downward 

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