Homeopathic medicine Urtica urens (Stinging nettle)

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathic medicine Urtica urens (Stinging nettle)

Key Symptoms

Stinging" pain after burns or insect bites

Nettle rash

First- and second-degree burns or scalds, with intense burning and itching


Restless, nervous


EXTREMITIES Joint pains alternating with nettle rash

MEN Herpes of the scrotum with heat and itching

WOMEN Herpes of the labia with heat and itching

Itching, stinging, and swelling of the vulva

SKIN Hives or allergic reaction from shellfish

Itchy, raised blotches

Hives after overheating or overexertion

Chicken pox


Cool, moist, or snowy air


Cool bathing 

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