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  • FIRST HOUSE Jupiter's placement in the first house gives a long life to the person. He is rich, full of justice, cool and peace-loving and enjoys comfort from the government. If somehow Jupiter is afflicted or is in a negative sign, then it makes the person...... More


  • SECOND HOUSE If Jupiter occupies the second house, then it makes the person wealthy, fond of delicious food, orator, enjoy authority and good luck. He is happy-go-lucky, enjoys family comforts, gets authority in life and earns good money by one's own sheer...... More


  • THIRD HOUSE Placement of Jupiter in the third house makes the person courageous, highly influenced by spouse, enjoy good relations with neighbours and have many friends. Although he does not put in tremendous efforts, he still enjoys good luck in life. Fond...... More


  • FOURTH HOUSE The person is renowned, fortunate, enjoys great honour, is peace- loving and comes out victorious in debate, battle, etc., if Jupiter occupies the fourth house. His life is glorious, he creates a lot of wealth, he is lucky in foreign land and is...... More


  • FIFTH HOUSE If Jupiter occupies the fifth house, then he begets obedient children; he is intelligent, fortunate and lives in glory. If Jupiter is afflicted, then unhappiness from children is indicated; he has interest in occultism, is a speculator and does...... More


  • SIXTH HOUSE If Jupiter occupies the sixth house then the person is sensuous, lacks energy, wins over opponents and has a tendency to put on weight. He roams in unfamiliar cities or countries, generally enjoys good health, earns money with efforts but luck...... More


  • SEVENTH HOUSE The person gets an intelligent and understanding spouse if Jupiter occupies the seventh house. He may not get along with his father and guru. He is of good conduct, comes across knowledgeable people almost every day, lives in a beautiful place,...... More


  • EIGHTH HOUSE The placement of Jupiter in the eighth house is extremely good for occultism and meditation. The person may suffer from indigestion and ill health due to many reasons. Financial position may not be satisfactory. He is humble, lazy, unhappy and...... More


  • NINTH HOUSE If Jupiter occupies the ninth house, then it makes the person religious, trustworthy and he gets honour from knowledgeable people. He is intelligent, interested in mathematics or spiritualism, can live in a foreign country, is fond of pilgrimages...... More


  • TENTH HOUSE The placement of Jupiter in the tenth house makes the person knowledgeable, big-hearted, religious, win over opponents and always focused in life. He is famous, fortunate, and occupies good place in the society. He is virtuous, gets honour from...... More


  • ELEVENTH HOUSE Placement of Jupiter in the eleventh house enables the other planets to work in his favour. He gets excellent friends and enjoys the company of learned people. He is kind, gets honour from the government, is interested in art, enjoys comforts and...... More


  • TWELFTH HOUSE If Jupiter occupies the twelfth house, then the person is confused, fickle-minded, atheist, a wanderer and cruel at heart. Wastage of money in useless religious activities is common for him. He just cannot save money either. He is extravagant,...... More

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