Benefits of Black Berry Juice

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Benefits of Black Berry Juice

Botanical Name : Syzygium cuminii

Family Name       : Myrtaceae

Hindi Name          : jamun

Sanskrit Name      : jambu

English Name        : Black Berry


About 75 species of black berry are found in India. A genus of trees or shrubs, it is distributed in the tropics. Some species bear edible fruits, a few yield timber and some species give the cloves of commerce. Black Berry tree is a large and evergreen tree, with leaves opposite, 8-20 cm long, leathery. Fruit 1.5-4 cm long, violet black when ripe. Seed usually one. Fruit is eaten raw with salt. It makes the tongue purplish for hours.


Grown throughout the plains of India.

Parts Used

Fruit, leaves, seed & bark.


Stomachic, astringent, diuretic, antidiabetic.

Forms of Use

Fruit, juice, vinegar, seed powder.

Food Value

The ripe fruit is widely eaten in India. The edible pulp forms 75% of the whole fruit. Glucose and fructose are the principal sugars in ripe fruit; not even a trace of cane sugar is found. Malic acid is the major acid (0.5% of the wt. of fruit); a small quantity of oxalic acid is also reported. Gallic acid and tannins account for the astringency of the fruit.

The purple colour of the fruit is due to the presence of flavours and anthocyanin pigments occurring as plant diglycosides.


Purple fruit is liked by all and eaten throughout India. A wine is prepared from ripe fruit in Goa. It is used for making squashes and jellies. A good jelly can be made from the purple-fleshed fruits. A jam can also be prepared from pitted fruits. The juice of unripe fruits is used for preparing vinegar.

Medicinal Uses

Juice of ripe fruit made into vinegar is used as stomadic, carminative and diuretic.

Ripe fruit is eaten to combat diabetes.

Fruits and seeds are hypoglycemic agents.

A single dose of extract of seeds produces 15 to 25% fall in fasting blood sugar in 4 to 5 hours after taking it orally.

It is a powerful anti-diarrhoeic agent, and controls diarrhoea gradually.

Ripe fruit juice is used in the enlargement of spleen and suppressed or scanty urine.

Leaf juice is a useful remedy for dysentery with blood (one spoon juice three/four times daily).

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