mahadasha pridiction


  • Jupiter Enhances happiness and fate. It creates a situation to have gain of prestige and honour in society. Body and face-lift are possible. Development and enlightenment of character is inevitable. Company of guru and saints and fulfillment of wishes...... More


  • Saturn Indulgence in liquor, company of women of easy virtue and other earthly pleasures are possible. Extravagance on such activities is natural. On the other hand relatives and pets may suffer. The eyes & sons of the native may suffer. He may be...... More


  • Mercury Indulgence in liquor, company of women of easy virtue and gambling and suffering from disorder caused by excess of cough, bile and wind is possible. In fact Mercury is the soft spoken prince who is quite practical and tactful and can adopt...... More


  • Ketu The native may receive injury/wound on body and suffer opposition from servants and his wife/son may be in trouble. He may have some mental problem. He may suffer separation from Gurujans (elderly people) or near & dear ones. The native may...... More


  • Venus Various types of wealth, clothes, and comfort items are sure to come or increase. Enjoyment of life with wife and son is likely. Best food and beverages are on the card. The native remains interested in worship of lords and Brahmins. Venus, being...... More


  • Sun Win over enemy, honour from state, increase in reputation and gain of wealth and- vehicle are possible. Sphere of influence and manly prowess will increase. The native is likely to be a metro-citizen with all types of comforts. Jupiter is in...... More


  • Moon May have company of women and gain of wealth. Enhancement in prestige is possible. Cultivation may prove to be fruitful. Profit in trade is likely. Lord and Brahmin both must be worshipped. If Jupiter is exalted in Moon sign it will definitely...... More


  • Mars Relatives of the native get benefited by him and he himself gets benefit from his enemy. Land and building are promised. Increase in sphere of influence. Some Gurujans (elderly people) may suffer injury. Even native can face some eye problems but...... More


  • Rahu Relatives may be in trouble or may cause trouble and distress to the native. Mental agony, worry and restlessness are also possible. The native may become hypochondriac and may be fearful of thieves. His/her Gurujans (elderly people) may suffer....... More

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