Mars Mantra for Son

  • A woman who desires to beget a son shall observe the requisite vow on Tuesday. The beginning of this vow in the month of Mrigasira (Nov.-Dec.) or Vaisakha (April-May) is held to be praiseworthy. The mantra is to be recited for ten thousand times.......More

Mars mantra for preventing accidents and problems of married life

  • This mantra prevents accidents, blesses with son, frees the devotee from debts, cures blood pressure and rash temper. It hastens the marriage of ladies. It also offers protection from enemies, cuts, wounds, operation and enables the devotee to......More

Magha Nakshatras

  • Lord Pitr is the lord of the Magha Nakshatra. Persons born in this constellational are wealthy, pleasure loving, devoted to God and parents, and very enterprising. Some classics are of the view that such persons are hard hearted, sharp natured,......More

Moola Nakshatras

  • Rakshasa is the Lord of Moola Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation must be affectionate, friendly, large hearted, honest, pleasant natured, forgiving, good at giving advise, prone to respecting others, capable ofleadership qualities,......More

Moon In Different Zodiac Signs Mantras

  • Moon Aeries......More

Mars In Different Zodiac Signs Mantras

  • Mars                                      Aeries......More

Mercury In Different Zodiac Signs Mantras

  • Mercury     Aeries......More

Moon Mahadasha Mantra

  • Moon Mahadasha During Antardahsa of Jupiter native is fearful of early death when Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 7th house. It may be noted here that beginning of the dasha could be benefic for the native but end of the dasha could be malefic for......More

Mars Mahadasha Mantra

  • Mars Mahadasha Being lord of2nd and 7th houses mercury gives serious illness. Vishnu Sahasarnam is advised during this period. During Antardahsa of Moon, one should worship goddess Lakshmi to get her blessings. During Jupiter's Antardahsa......More

Mercury Mahadasha Mantra

  • Mercury Mahadasha During Ketu's Antardasha it will cause stiffness in the body when it is posited in 2nd and T" house. The native is advised to donate a goat and recite Ketu's mantra. During the Antardasha of Sun it is the lord of 2nd and the T"......More


  • Yoga is a discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. It is a system of practices meant to promote and control the body and mind. It is said that knowledge of yoga is needed for the......More


  • By just reciting the mantra does not confirm the efficacy on the devotee. There are some principles laid down in the classics for completing this exercise. In kaliyuga worship or prayer according to tantric rites is the best form of worship. It......More


  • A mantra is a sound, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation"  Their use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.Mantras can be interpreted to be effective as......More

Mantra in Hinduism

  • Mantras were originally conceived in the Vedas. Most mantras follow the written pattern of two line "shlokas" although they are often found in single line or even single word form.The most basic mantra is Aum ,, which in Hinduism is known as the......More

Mantra in Buddhism

  • Mantra in non-esoteric Mahayana Buddhism , In Chinese Buddhism, ten small mantras,were finalized by the monk Yulin a teacher of the Shunzhi Emperor for monks, nuns, and laity to chant in the morning.Along with the ten mantras, the Great......More

Mantra in Shingon Buddhism

  • Kūkai (774-835), a noted Buddhist monk, advanced a general theory of language based on his analysis of two forms of Buddhist ritual language: dharani (dhāra.nī) and mantra. Mantra is restricted to esoteric Buddhist practice whereas......More

Mantra in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

  • Mantrayana (Sanskrit), that may be rendered as "way of mantra", was the original self-identifying name of those that have come to be determined 'Nyingmapa'. The Nyingmapa which may be rendered as "those of the ancient way", a name constructed due......More

Mantras in Tibetan Buddhism

  • The following list of mantras is from Kailash - Journal of Himalayan Studies, Volume 1, Number 2, 1973. (pp. 168-169) (augmented by other contributors). It also includes renderings of Om mani padme hung.Please note that the word swaha is sometimes......More

Mantras in other sects and religions

  •                 Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō The mantra of the Nichiren Buddhism.                 Nam MŰ nhất......More

Mantra in Sikhism

  • In the Sikh religion, a mantar or mantra is a Shabad (Word or hymn) from Gurbani to concentrate the mind on God and the message of the Ten Gurus.Mantras have two components of primary importance - Meaning and Sound. First is the actual meaning of......More

Mantra in Jainism

  • Namokar Mantra  Namokar Mantra  is the fundamental prayer in Jainism and can be recited at any time of the day. Namokar mantra is counted as a second powerful mantra after aum. While praying by reciting this mantra, the devotee bows......More

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