Rohini Nakshatras

  • Brahmaji is the Lord of Rohini nakshatra. Persons born in this Nakshatra are very much serious about their working. They have a passion to become master of all trades but they have to face problems in their act. Age, between 18 to 36, is not......More

Revati Nakshatras

  • Poosha is the Lord of the Revati Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is fond ofleaming, very talented, double minded, confused, ever changing, impressive, good at premonitions, humanitarian in behaviour, sympathetic, skilled at getting......More

Rahu Mahadasha Mantra

  • Rahu Mahadasha During Antardahsa of Mercury, the native is advised to read the stotras and do homa of his isht. However, if Mercury is posited in 2nd or T" houses from the ascendant it may bring premature death. The native is advised to read......More

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