The Sun Mantra

  • Of all the planets, the Sun's position in Indian astrology is supreme. The Sun is the king of our solar system. Sun is the Lord of Leo. This is the fifth in serial order in the zodiac and signifies habits and temper of a lion. According to......More

The Moon Mantra

  • Moon is considered mother of the natal chart. Moon is a female planet and does its duty in the natal chart as a mother. It is Lord of Cancer. It develops the mental faculties of the native. It is significator of eating establishments, sailors,......More

The Mars Mantra

  • Mars is considered as commander-in-chief. Hanumanji is worshipped for propitiating Mars. It is a male planet. Being the lord of the battle it signifies courage of both types mental and physical. It is significator of designers, army or any of the......More

The Mercury Mantra

  • Mercury is a neutral planet. Mercury is such a planet which blesses the native with judicious mind, logical faculties, sharp understanding, power of prejudice and confidence. Qualities like mathematical, astrologer, financial capabilities,......More

The Jupiter Mantra

  • Jupiter is considered Dev Guru (preceptor of Gods). It is male planet, easy-going, self-controlled and pious in nature. It is always linked with persons who are saintly and mild in nature. When Jupiter is malefic, recital of Jupiter mantra is......More

The Venus Mantra

  • Venus is a female planet. It is considered guru (preceptor) of demons, the Sukracharya. It is a female planet and lord of Taurus and Libra. It signifies luxuries in the chart. It is warm and moist in nature. It signifies the attitude of the......More

The Saturn Mantra

  • Saturn signifies labourer class in the natal chart. It is a neutral planet and lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. It is said that Saturn is Son of Sun God. It is a cold, dry contracting, short tampered planet. Being a old aged planet, it is very......More

The Rahu Mantra

  • Rahu is a shadow planet. It is the ascending point where the orbit of the Moon cuts across the ecliptic. It is highly influenced by other planets. According to legend it is head of a demon who cunningly had nectar and later on punished by Lord......More

The Ketu Mantra

  • Ketu, which is torso of the demon who cunningly had nectar, is also considered shadowy planet. It is a neutral, dry and fiery planet. It is the descending point where the orbit of the Moon across the ecliptic. As stated above, like Rahu, Ketu is......More

The Navgrah mantra

  • Navgrah Mantra is a combined Mantra for all the nine planets. This is an extremely useful and beneficial Mantra, since it's recital, on the one hand, strengthens benefic planets and increases their positive influences and on the other,......More

Taurus Mantra

  • Taurus is an earthy sign whose lord is Venus. Moon is exalted  in this sign whereas Ketu is debilitated here. It rules right eye, neck and throat. Those who have good position of its lord in the chart enjoy good health, otherwise problems......More

Types of Mantras

  • Vedic Mantra: Vedic mantras are those mantras which are experienced by our sages or rather seen and later passed on to their disciples. These are prescribed in the four Vedas. Shaabar Mantra: The Mantras which are not in Sanskrit language but in......More

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