Ardra Nakshatras

Ardra Nakshatras

Lord Shiva is the Lord of Ardra Nakshatra. Persons born in this constellation are strong and loved by brothers. They may be ungrateful, crooked hearted, proud, short tempered, violent, wicked, lacking wealth and prosperity, engaged in lowly deeds and not stationary in one place. However, they are soft-spoken, loving towards all, intelligent, knowledgeable about traditional medicine and the power of mantras, skilled at predictions, intuitive and pure hearted but critical and facing hardships in his period of education. They are of inventive brain, be skilled at art and fine works, addicted to drugs, consuming tobacco and cigarettes, involved in a defamed work, having a wandering temperament and anxious about past deeds.

Person born during Ardra constellation are subject to late marriage. If their marriage is solemnised in early age then they would face problems. They may develop problems like paralysis, dental problems or cardiac related problems. Women born in this constellation may have problems related to menstruation cycle, acidity etc. To ward of the evil effect of the constellation it should be worshipped with white sandalwood, incense, fragrant flowers, ghee, lamp, betel leaf, sweets etc. One should offer curd and sweets, fill an amulet with white sandalwood and ashwath/papal, mool, and wear it. Homa is done while mixing ghee and honey and recite the following mantra for hundred and eight times daily.

Namaste Rudra Manya vaootoo ta ishve namah I

Bahu bhayamuttatte namah om rudraye namah shivayenamah II 

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