Revati Nakshatras

Revati Nakshatras

Poosha is the Lord of the Revati Nakshatra. A person born in this constellation is fond ofleaming, very talented, double minded, confused, ever changing, impressive, good at premonitions, humanitarian in behaviour, sympathetic, skilled at getting his work done, religious, cautious in taking decisions, humorous, honest and able but may act mindlessly and be too logical and suspicious. Spiritual knowledge may suddenly rise in his mind. He may be involved in social work with the desire of attaining fame.

Revati is a Mool Sangyaka Nakshatra. Revati nakshatra controls legs, heels, paw, nerves and under soles. When malefic pIanets show their effect, the above-mentioned parts of the body suffer ailments. A person born in this Nakshatra may suffer gastric problems, fever and mental unrest occasionally there may be some deformation in the bones, pain in the parts related to transfer of knowledge, fractured bonny, diabetes and urinary disorders. To ward the effects one should worship lord Poosha and get relief from ailments by recitation of the mahamrityunjaya verses. The Lord Poosha should be worshipped with fragrance of sandalwood, mandar flowers, ghee, googal, dhoop, ghee lamp and ghee payas. Sahvi dadhyanu should be offered. Ho a should be performed with the twigs of Ashwathmool and tilajya tandul and the following mantra should be recited for hundred and eight times, On conclusion of the Homa, donate silken clothes with religious or ancient books. Wearing an ashwath Mool in silver amulet in alway beneficial.

Om pushne tavvarte vayam narishyem kadachan stotarasat

ihasmasi om pushne namah 

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