Awareness and Relaxation

  • Awareness and Relaxation Step 1: Daily Watching "Start being aware with day-to-day, routine actions, and while you are doing your routine actions, remain relaxed.   "There is no need to be tense. When you are washing your......More

Are You There

  • Are You There When: Whenever you feel sleepy. Step 1: Ask Yourself "Ask yourself 'Are you here?' Suddenly your thinking will stop." Step 2: And Respond "Then reply, 'Yes!' That will bring you into focus. When thinking stops you are alert, in......More

Accessing Positive Emotions

  • Accessing Positive Emotions The Law of Affirmation "There is a great law called 'the law of affirmation': if you can affirm something deeply, totally, absolutely, it starts becoming real. That's why people are in misery, because of that law: they affirm......More

About Yes-Energy

  • About Yes-Energy "Life cannot be lived through no, and those who try to live life through no simply go on missing life. One cannot make an abode out of no, because no is just empty. No is like darkness. Darkness has no real existence; it is......More

Actualizing Joy

  • Actualizing Joy When: The whole day. "Whenever you feel something is beautiful, blissful be aware of it. Usually we are so engaged with the negative we don't take much notice of the positive. So try to find the blissful and be filled with it.......More

Awareness and Being Effortless

  • Awareness and Being... "Awareness should be moment to moment, but it can only be when it has become effortless. With effort you will lose contact again and again; with effort you will have to rest. Effort cannot be continuous, it is impossible.......More


  • AWARENESS, ENLIGHTENMENT AND... THE final point of meditation is supposed to be liberation. The journey towards it is supposed to begin with self- realization. Let us start seeing the first step into this journey. Of course the first step that you take is the......More

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