• Decision-Making "Decision is good when it comes out of life; it is bad when it comes only out of the head. And when it comes only out of the head it is never decisive; it is always a conflict. The alternatives remain open and the mind goes on......More

Disidentifying From the "I"

  • Disidentifying From the "Knowledge has many meanings. One, as long as you are filled with the knowledge that 'I am,' you will remain in ignorance, because the very sense of the 'I,' the ego is ignorance. The day you are filled with the soul, the......More

Diary of Moods

  • Diary of Moods Step 1: Work Out Your Mood Cycle "Understand your phases, so start keeping a diary of your negative and positive phases. Each day make a simple note of your mood at four times morning, afternoon, evening, night. Within three to......More

Dropping Words

  • Dropping Words "Man is imprisoned by the words. Man's whole problem is language. Below language is the world of the animals and beyond language is the world of the gods. Between the two is the world of man, the world of language, words -......More

Double-Pointed Watching

  • Double-Pointed Watching "Gurdjieff used to tell his disciples, 'When the arrow of your consciousness becomes double-pointed, when your consciousness begins to flower at both ends, you will become an enlightened being.' Gurdjieff's efforts in......More


  • DOING MEDITATION LEARNING meditation is commonly called as learning how to do meditation. When we are doing anything, we are never one with the thing we are doing. The thing done is always different from the one who is doing it. Those who do......More


  • DYNAMIC MEDITATION Close your eyes and start laughing loudly for 15 minutes. Start crying loudly for 15 minutes. Beat the pillow with hand for 15 minutes. Dance with eyes closed for 15 minutes. Lie down still for 15 minutes. ...More


  • DEVELOPING YOUR OWN... AS you must have got by now, meditation is a tool to give you absolute relaxation, increased concentration and increased productivity, in your regular life. Unless and until you are peaceful, stable and contended in the......More


  • DOING AND BEING MEDITATION ALL know that people do meditation. By now the readers must have understood that meditation has to happen. You cannot do it. It is like love when it happens, it is spontaneous intense and natural. When you do it, it is......More

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